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In a recent report by DappRadar, the numbers for Gamefi look good. Among Web3 companies, Metacade is one of the best when it comes to on-chain games.

In early 2023, on-chain gaming activity bounced back from a difficult 2022, as reported by DappRadar’s latest Games Report. Gala Games (GALA/USD), Axie Infinity (AXS/USD), Decentraland (MANA/USD), Floki Inu (FLOKI/USD), and many other established players in the game-fi industry have been driving the momentum.

A notable industry analysis report says that DapprRadar shows that Floki has taken the lead with a huge 380% increase, followed by Wemix with a 322% increase. This shows that the game-fic world is growing in a positive way. With this much potential, there is plenty of room for many players to get a big share of the market. Investors should think about putting together a portfolio that includes both well-known companies and new companies like Metacade, which are trying to bring something new to the industry.

Gamefi Shows Promising Numbers in DappRadar’s Report

DappRadar says that on-chain data shows that gaming activity went up by 1.31 percent in January, with 858,621 daily Unique Active Wallets (dUAW) making up nearly half of all dapp activity. But these numbers are still small compared to the gaming industry as a whole, which has 2.69 billion customers around the world. People think that the gaming industry will make about $170 billion in 2022, which is five times more than what movies make at the box office. Some estimates say that by 2030, the gaming industry around the world could be worth $470 billion.

The question that arises is what role the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry will play in shaping the gaming industry’s growth trajectory until the end of the decade. The Web3 gamefi industry has demonstrated its competitive edge against traditional video games and Defi as evident in DappRadar’s several reports. Progress, new ideas, and investments in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies back up this claim. The fact that Gala Games bought Ember Entertainment is a big deal that happened just in 2023. Also, Ember’s games were added to Gala’s layer 1 blockchain, Square Enix’s NFT game was released, and part of Courtside Ventures’ $100 million fund was set aside for gaming. Lastly, Metacade was able to raise about $9.3 million in five rounds of pre-sales.

Metacade Gamefi Platform

Metacade is different from other gaming companies because it offers a wide range of games to suit everyone’s tastes. As a game-fic project, it lets people play games that let them earn money. It also has plans to become a full-fledged DAO by the year 2024. This will let the community use the MCADE token to take part in running the project. Players will also be able to earn tokens by completing tasks, taking part in player-versus-player sessions, writing reviews, and attending events.

The success of Metacade’s presale rounds highlights the increasing enthusiasm among investors for new projects.In the sixth round of pre-sales, the MCADE token costs $0.017. It’s a big jump from the $0.008 it was worth in the beta round. Investors who want to take part in the next round of Metacade should move quickly. As the presale process nears its end, the price is likely to go up even more. The coin will also be listed on major cryptocurrency exchanges like Bitmart and Uniswap. So, it is usually a sign that the coin could go up in value in gamefi and web3.

Metacade Achieves Balance between Gamers and Investors

Finding a balance between the needs of users and the needs of investors is hard because their needs are often at odds with each other. What is good for investors might not be good for users, and vice versa.

But Russell Bennet, who is the CEO of Metacade, seems to have found a way to meet the needs of both sides. During an interview with Dan Ashmore for the Invezz podcast, Bennet admitted that he had made mistakes in the past. Like putting out bad games quickly to keep up with the fast growth of the crypto industry as a whole.

Bennet is now running the business as a “community-driven platform” for the next two to three years. He wants to meet the needs of both users and investors.

Bennet said that the success of the MCADE token depends on having strong plans for how to make money. He said that Metacade is putting the token’s usefulness first to make sure it will last in the gamefi world. It makes it stand out from other game-fic projects that had trouble getting to market because they didn’t realize that revenue is a key part of balancing token economics.

Gamefi is showing promising stats in a recent report by DappRadar, among the Web3 companies, Metacade is one of the top ones in on-chain game.
Gamefi is showing promising stats in a recent report by DappRadar, among the Web3 companies, Metacade is one of the top ones in on-chain game

When investing in the crypto industry, investors need to be picky, have patience, and think long-term. It is important because the crypto industry has been going through a lot of changes in the past few years. To do this, you need to pick a part of the crypto world that has been moving forward recently. Also, people need to do their research to make sure that these trends will last.

Web3 Gamefi Future

The game-fi sector exhibits strong potential for growth in the years to come. Even if it grows at the same rate as the traditional gaming business, investors can still make money. But investors must do their homework and look at the potential of both well-known companies and new ones, like Metacade in Web3. Metacade is popular among gamers, and it also has a bonus. Based on the background and experience of the CEO, it seems likely that investors will get a good return on their money.

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