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RTB Game Ventures

RTB Game Ventures is the private angel fund of Reinout te Brake.

His interest is a wide spread of things in gaming. From NFTs (non-fungible tokens, NFT, NFT’s) , Play to Earn (P2E/Play-to-Earn), Crypto games and crypto currencies, Gaming Guilds, Metaverse, Web3 development and Blockchain based video games

Type of games? Hyper Casual for Mobile games, PC games or Console Games, but also cloud gaming (streaming), esports and gamer communities focused companies.

This fund is set up to invest 25.000 euros to 150.000 dollars per investment.

General/Initial Questions; 

All these questions need to make me belief that the founding team can build and manage multiple games based on their technology and can introduce at least one highly successful title to the games market. Can the current management team lead this company from a single game studio to a fully scalable business. Also can the company manage the organization effectively as it grows and attract & retain the best industry talent