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Gunzilla Games, a AAA game studio based in Frankfurt, is working with Avalanche to launch GUNZ. It is a platform for managing in-game assets and the digital economy that is based on blockchain. The GUNZ system will change the way games are played by giving players a clear way to manage their in-game assets. It aims to give players more power by letting them own all of their in-game items (NFTs).

GUNZ has also said that other game studios will be able to use its software development kit (SDK) and white-label components to make and release their own projects on the platform. These parts include a companion app, a marketplace, and a non-fungible token (NFT) minting engine. This gives developers a wide range of tools to use. GUNZ hopes that this move will help it reach more people and help the gaming industry grow.

Gunzilla Games is made up of a team of people who have worked in the gaming industry for a long time and for big companies. These companies include Ubisoft, Blizzard Entertainment, and Electronic Arts. Neill Blomkamp, who has been nominated for an Oscar for writing, directing, and producing, is the company’s chief visionary officer. Gunzilla Games is working on the GUNZ system so that players can take part in “play-to-own” mechanics. The platform will put an emphasis on openness to make sure that all players have access to information that can be checked.

Off The Grid (OTG), the next Battle Royale 2.0 game from Gunzilla Games, will be the first game to use the GUNZ system. Off The Grid plans to change the Battle Royale genre by putting a lot of emphasis on stories and digital ownership. Several other projects are in the works but haven’t been announced yet.

Avalanche Blockchain

Avalanche, which works with subnets like GUNZ, is a custom blockchain made for a single app that lets the network grow almost indefinitely. The platform is made so that players can have a smooth, low-latency gaming experience. Avalanche works with more than 500 applications and protects value worth billions of dollars.

Vlad Korolov, the CEO of Gunzilla Games, said that Avalanche was the only company that let the team build their gaming layer 1 solution with no transaction fees, secure and proven source code, an eco-friendly protocol, and the ability to pay gas fees in their native token. He also said that the company wanted to offer the same features to other projects that want to build their games and economies on their chain. He also said that the company might start its own subnet on Avalanche.

Gunzilla Games’ CEO Talks About Partnership

Vlad Korolov, CEO of Gunzilla Games, said in a statement, “Our partnership with Avalanche not only lets us use its highly scalable and secure blockchain infrastructure, but also makes sure that our players have a smooth, low-latency gaming experience.” “By making GUNZ, we hope to change the way games are made by making a transparent in-game asset management system and giving game developers who are building their economy on blockchain a number of market-standard features.”

Korolov told Gunzilla in an email that when they were looking for a partner to build their blockchain platform and ecosystem, Avalanche was the only company that could build their gaming layer 1 solution with no transaction fees, secure source code, an eco-friendly protocol, and the ability to pay gas fees in their native token. He also said that he was interested in adding the same features to other projects.

Korolov said, “Then, we took ideas from games like PUBG, Apex Legends, The Division, and Uncharted to make a game with all of our favorite parts.” “One thing we wanted to bring to the battle royale genre was storytelling. We wanted to make a story-based game that would pull players into the world we made. We knew we had to get people like Neill Blomkamp and Richard Morgan on board.

When Avalanche was released in September 2020, it was the start of a new era for blockchains, where transactions could be completed in almost real time. The platform has grown to support more than 500 apps and protect billions of dollars’ worth of value. It has almost no effect on the environment either. Avalanche supports custom subnets like Gunz, which makes it possible for the network to grow almost without limit.

Avalanche Subnets Capable to Deliver Quality

The partnership between Gunzilla Games and Ava Labs, the main developer of Avalanche, is a recent example of leaders in the gaming industry realizing that Avalanche Subnets have the potential to give players the best gaming experience possible. They have big plans to bring the best parts of Web2 gaming to Web3 while still meeting the high standards of quality that gamers expect. CEO of Ava Labs, Emin Gün Sirer, gave Gunzilla’s Off The Grid Subnet and Web3 publishing stack high marks. CEO says that they are great additions to the new wave of games from Avalanche.

Gunzilla Games finished two rounds of funding. The first one raises $25 million, while the second one raises $46 million. Republic Capital led the second round, which ended in August 2022. This was done to keep helping GUNZ grow. Justin Kan, the co-founder of Twitch, Griffin Gaming Partners, Animoca Brands, Jump Crypto, RW3 Ventures, CoinFund, Shima Capital, Dominance Ventures, GSR, Kucoin Labs, Spartan Investment Group, Blizzard, Digital Strategies, Morningstar Ventures, Gamegroove Capital, Formless Capital, NGG, Huobi Group, and Spartan Investment Group are among the other big players in the second round.

Gunzilla Games Partners with Avalanche to Launch GUNZ
Gunzilla Games Partners with Avalanche to Launch GUNZ

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