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The Walking Dead Empires on Gala Games: A Casual Zombie MMOPRG Survival NFT Game.

The Walking Dead Empires is one of several Gala Games’ AAA blockchain game projects. Today we will review AMC’s The Walking Dead Empires which is a blockchain-enabled massive multiplayer online post-apocalyptic zombie survival NFT game.

The zombie survival game offers NFTs and Play to Earn mechanics where players can scavenge, craft, fight, and earn real-world money. This survival MMORPG is under development by Ember Entertainment and will hit the PC gaming market soon under the banner of Gala Games.

The only aim is to survive doing whatever you can, so scavenge for supplies, build your own home, team up with allies, compete against opponents, and rise to the top.

The Walking Dead Empires Preview

The game offers elements from Diablo 3 and gives an outlook of Animal Crossing creation and build mechanics but with zombies roaming all around.

TWDE, the upcoming video game inspired by the popular AMC TV series based on the smash comic book, is scheduled to be released soon on both Windows PC and Mac and available for buying on Gala Games.

This release comes at a time when there is a renewed interest in zombie-themed entertainment, as evidenced by the success of HBO’s adaptation of the video game “The Last of Us” and the recent launch of the Web3 shooter game Undead Blocks.

While zombies, also known as “walkers,” roam the open-world map, you can peacefully chop down trees, gather rocks, and harvest mushrooms. However, as a level-one player in the beginner’s zone, avoiding enemies was too easy, and collecting resources posed no real threat.

It was so easy that the players playing demo could easily level up to 12 by solely using their mouse. It was a bit too easy because there wasn’t any need to use the keyboard.

So, it made the gameplay experience feel unusual when compared to almost any other PC game or Gala Games.

The Walking Dead Empires Gameplay and Graphics

As for the gameplay, the game is super smooth and easy in the initial levels. Initially, you won’t have any weapons with you but as you scavenge, you will have many.

The weapons will range from pistols to machine guns, automatic rifles, and melee weapons like a baseball bats. The sound design also adds value to the game with zombie growling and howling.

These zombies have a health bar at top of them which gives you an indication of how much more you need to hit them to get rid of them. Moreover, there is also a mini-map in the upper right corner of the screen.

It will help players to navigate the area and might also see where their friends or alliances are located.

The game has cool graphics, more on the comic and cartoonish side of things. As for the gore and grotesque, there isn’t much. Wait, so you’re telling me this zombie game isn’t scary? That’s right, actually.

Despite the presence of zombies, the game’s wide third-person perspective, generally bright lighting, and insufficient gory audio effects made the gameplay experience surprisingly mild during the brief demo. In addition, due to the ease of leveling up, the game felt less like a survival game and more like a typical RPG.

Alliance and Empire Systems

The developers are also introducing empires and alliance systems which will formalize the team structure. You can also pledge loyalty to players and factions that are stronger than you for protection. Consequently, you can also assert dominance and gather pledges from other players.

Land Ownership

The Land Development and Ownership, Play to Earn Mechanics, and NFTs
The game will have a two-coin setup in play to earn mechanics and a robust economic system. The game will introduce the DEAD coin token and an in-game currency. Players shall use the in-game currency to craft items, or buy items from open marketplaces.

NFT and Play-to-Earn Mechanics in The Walking Dead Empires

What sets this game apart as a Web3 game is its utilization of NFTs. Gala provides various in-game assets for sale as NFTs, such as gear packs containing character apparel and supplies, indestructible weapons, and characters themselves.

Gala’s store currently offers a “Legendary” character pack which unlocks three characters for almost 1.2 ETH ($2,000). Additionally, a single top-tier “Ancient” handgun for a staggering 17.3 ETH, equivalent to $29,800.

Even a lower-tier “Epic” handgun NFT is being sold for 1.9 ETH, or roughly $3,275, which may deter some potential players due to its high price tag.

However, not all NFTs are extravagantly priced. For instance, the OpenSea secondary marketplace showcases NFT hero cards for the game. These are priced at under $25 worth of cryptocurrency, although the prices escalate considerably from there.

Final Word on The Walking Dead Empires NFT Game Preview

The playtest of TWDE went smoothly and had great graphics even on a 2021 MacBook Pro. The game primarily involves scavenging for resources, crafting items, and killing zombies.

Building bases and constructing structures can be done with an aerial-view “Build Mode” tool. Besides, every level-up of the home base triggers a new wave of zombie attackers.

There are well-developed skill trees that can be unlocked over time. The game offers flexibility for players who want to avoid zombies or engage in hack-and-slash combat. Playing with friends is more enjoyable, and the game world is large but not overwhelming due to its division into zones.

Overall, TWDE shows promise as an MMORPG for casual players and grinders alike who enjoy a social RPG experience with clear paths for progression.

The game might feel a bit boring and tedious at the start as you need to scavenge and build and kill. However, as the levels advance the survival game gets challenging and offers a lot more.

The Walking Dead Empires on Gala Games, Zombie
The Walking Dead Empires on Gala Games

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