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Valheim is cool!

Iron Gate Studio’s Valheim is the newest gaming sensation on Steam and has achieved certain feats like no other game. Viking-themed survival game Valheim sold over two million copies in just 13 days and it is not hard to tell why.

Valheim is the new hot favorite game on Steam

Valheim is the new hot favorite game on Steam – Iron Gate Studio

Valheim  turned out as a jaw-dropper

is now the second most played game on Steam after Counter-Strike Global Offensive. Moreover, the top 10 list of most concurrent players on Steam also features Valheim with roughly 392,000 concurrent players. With these staggering numbers, it’s knocked out GTA V from the top 10 chart.

In addition to the concurrent players’ feat, it topped the Steam Top Sellers list during Valve’s Steam Lunar year sale. And the best thing about topping the list was that Valheim didn’t offer any discounts. The only game that pulled off such a huge success is PUBG, but PUBG took months to pull these figures off.

Valheim is a survival game but with a twist of a badass Viking who kills gods for sport, fights monsters, and sails on waters to conquer Asgard. Besides fighting monsters and having boss fights you will also have to build and destroy, hunt and skin, chop and dig and eventually make bigger and better tools to progress efficiently.

The map of the game is colossal, filled with astonishingly beautiful scenery, the music is delightful and the enemies are fierce and challenging. The attention to detail and depth is outstanding, though the graphics may seem on the downside still it is no less than eye candy.

This game has a lot to offer and it will remain the talk of the town for months to come. Its massive success will also lead to knockoffs and fake outs and developers attempting to make a game just like Valheim.

However, Iron Gate must be thinking to launch this game on mobile as well as consoles in the future. Let’s see how the developers take this game to other platforms. We will keep you updated.

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