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The partnership between Elixir Games, a major web3 PC game seller, and Square Enix, is expected to create a powerhouse that will incorporate blockchain technology into the way games work. Square Enix’s interest in web3 gaming and its interactive Web3 project, Symbiogenesis, suggest that the two companies will work together to create new gaming experiences that leverage web3 technology. Elixir’s recent integration with Epic Games and its position as the most important PC game distributor on the open web3 market make it an ideal partner for Square Enix. The partnership will allow millions of gamers to discover high-quality web3 games seamlessly.

Even though it’s not clear how the two companies will work together, Elixir sells Web3 PC games, and Square Enix is known for getting gamers interested in Web3 games. The partnership, on the other hand, is likely to lead to the creation of a web powerhouse that will use blockchain technology in the way games work. This could give both businesses new ways to make money and give gamers a unique place to play.

Square Enix said at the beginning of this year that it was working on Symbiogenesis, an interactive Web3 project that would help build its Polygon. It’s possible that Symbiogenesis and similar games will continue to work together in the future by using Elixir. Square Enix led the last round of funding for Elixir in December. Elixir recently linked its launcher to Epic Games as well. It will let other users of the platform play their Elixir games.

With a platform that hides web3 technology and makes the traditional player’s experience seamless, the collaboration will let millions of gamers find high-quality web3 games.

Since 2021, Elixir Platform has been the most important PC game distributor on the open web3 market. As a result of Elixir’s recent integration with Epic Games, traditional game distribution is now a part of the platform. It has become the main place where web2 and web3 desktop games can be bought and played.

Square Enix’s NFTs

Square Enix has been pushing NFTs hard since the beginning of the year. Yosuke Matsuda, the company’s former president, said that the company planned to put a lot of money into technology. The Final Fantasy 7 NFT cards that came out last month seem to be just the start of Square Enix’s work to make these things better. Even though most players don’t seem to care as much about NFTs.

Square Enix has already invested in and worked with some of the most important companies in the field. With Elixir’s help, Enix is still the biggest international game publisher to use web3 technology. It has made a good plan for investing in web3 games with the hope that by 2023, blockchain games will be ready for a new stage of growth.

“This partnership with Elixir Games is another step for Square Enix to explore the potential of web3-decentralized gaming,” said Hideaki Uehara, who is in charge of business development at Square Enix.

CEO of Elixir Games Carlos Roldan also had something to say: “Together with Square Enix, we’re getting closer to having a lot of people play web3 games. Our team is very excited to put our technology to use, and we think that Elixir users will be able to play both web2 and web3 games without any difference. This year, more big names in their fields have already come into the space with important projects. We think there will be more as the year goes on. We’ve done everything we can to make sure we’re ready to grow.”

About Square Enix

The Japanese company Square Enix makes and sells video games. In 2003, Square Co. Ltd. and Enix Corporation worked together to make it. Square Enix made a name for itself in the industry by making and publishing popular series. The game studio Square Enix made and published Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Kingdom Hearts, and Tomb Raider.

Square Enix is known for making games with great graphics, interesting stories, and cute characters. Many of its games have become well-known and have loyal fans. In addition to video games, the company has made music, clothing, and manga and anime versions of its most popular brands. The Square Enix Group publishes, markets, and licenses entertainment content all over the world under its well-known brands.

About Elixir Games

Elixir Games is a tech company that is based in the United States. It has employees in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. Since its start in 2018, it has been at the forefront of blockchain-based game distribution. Elixir gives users easy access to thousands of games by partnering with about 100 PC games and giving them full web2 and web3 connectivity. It is the most useful and full of content publishing platform available right now. Elixir Games is also the owner of NO WAY BACK and MONSTROPOLY. The beta versions of these two PC and mobile games that are unique to web3 will be out soon.

Because Square Enix and Elixir Games are working together, gamers are expecting the web3 industry to grow in ways that have never been seen before.

Web3, Blockchain, Epic Games, Square Enix Joins Forces with Elinix Games
Square Enix Joins Forces with Elinix Games

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