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In today’s blockchain gaming industry news update, we share with you an upcoming, new, and promising play to earn, free to earn game. The game’s name is The Beacon, and it is a free-to-play RPG that is coming out with its first preview version ready to play. Moreover, the game will start its NFT minting in a couple of days, on December 16th. The Alpha version of the game is scheduled to launch next year in January. So, The Beacon is a F2P, Web 3.0, indie NFT game falling in the genre of action RPG with 8-bit pixel art graphics and fun gameplay. The game lets you raid dungeons, fight off evils, and explore the Altaris world with friends and family. You can also collect limited edition NFTs in The Beacon and try out the gameplay for free.

Thanks to its popularity on social media and a surprise NFT giveaway, the game’s projections are now going in the right direction. The game requires you to stick to one goal, which is to expand the beacon’s light. The main idea of the game is to protect settlers, manage resources, explore dungeons, and stop enemy invasions. In short, you will actively take part in the settlement and look after the neighborhood. At the moment, the game is in the settler phase, so check the game’s preview and apply for the settlement in the city of Altaris.

Free NFT Giveaways and the Game Prototype

The developers of the game are encouraging gamers to try The Beacon for free. Moreover, they have also grabbed the attention of potential players with free NFT giveaways in the form of in-game items like surprise chests, mythical items, and more. You can get on the list for the upcoming December 16th mintage. So, you need to get on the list to enjoy the luxury of egg mint.

The Beacon NFT, F2P, play-to-earn, web 3.0, game
The Beacon

The game is also encouraging players to participate in exclusive NFT giveaway events. The game rose up the charts before the all-important large-scale mint because it gave away free NFTs and gave people a free preview of how the game works. The recent hype has made the game a potential candidate for popular blockchain games with a lot of activity and earnings.

The Beacon Game Overview

The people who made this independent game worked hard to make it feel like an action RPG with a touch of rogue-lite. Roguelite here means the introduction of two distinct features: “permadeath” and procedurally generated levels. It’s a unique MMO with a dungeon theme that has eye-catching pixel art and an interesting fantasy story.

So, in Beacon, you’ll go on dungeon adventures with a weapon you choose as your base. However, you will find upgrades that will transform your weapon and will continue to do so until you complete them or die. These dungeons will bring new challenges with each level’s completion.

The Beacon NFT, F2P, playtoearn, web 3.0, game
The Beacon – Play to Earn Game

Game Modes in the Beacon

The game offers three game modes as of now:

Single Player PvE

Battle, defeat, and survive hordes of monsters in the dungeon; also look out for the traps inside. In the end, you will earn NFTs as a reward.

Co-Op PvE

If you are more of a team guy, then join hands with your friends and run through the dungeon as a group.

Housing System

You can scavenge and hunt for cosmetics to decorate and customize your home. This mode will let you self-express and discover your aesthetic sense and inner peace.

The game will require players to get skilled because reflexes and reactions will be important to winning challenges. There is also a learning curve in the game when it comes to using weapons. Some weapons are easy to learn, while others will require a lot of your time. In the end, your skills will see considerable progress after you ace dungeon challenges.

The Beacon is free to play, but with a catch

The game is free to play with only basic, fundamental gameplay access. You will earn rewards from this mode, but they won’t be NFTs. However, there are two other pay-to-play versions of the game:

Paid Character: The paid character will have access to the basic gameplay. However, a character will come with quality of life benefits, cosmetics, and house decor. Players who paid for a character will win NFTs and be able to get other incentives and rewards.

Blessed Character: Finally, the blessed character will have all the features a paid character has but with some additions. They will get early access to the Beacon game and new releases, and they will also enjoy pet minting with in-game pets.

Check out the gameplay below:

The Beacon Preview

Stick with us for more on this game and wait for our short game review on The Beacon. Meanwhile, check out other gaming news on our news page, especially this upcoming one-of-a-kind God-game, Apeiron. Also, subscribe to our YouTube channel, “Play-to-Earn Games”.

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