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Today we bring you a valuable addition to the play-to-earn gaming sector that offers exciting gameplay along with promising earning opportunities. Sidus Heroes is a sci-fi, futuristic, galactic metaverse NFT game where you play, earn, and own. The storyline is gripping and takes us to a distant future where there are three unique races each having special characteristics. Additionally, the game offers NFT heroes which you can pin against other players in a 3v3 battle arena. These NFTs are interoperable in the Sidus metaverse. Not only are NFTs used in the game mechanisms, but also in the rules and player interactions of these games. For instance, you might be able to gather NFTs from the goods you find in-game and trade NFTs with other players.

Sidus Heroes Game Overview

SIDUS NFT Heroes is a unique NFT project that begins with a simple collection of different avatars and gradually evolves into a world full of NFT goods and characters. It is the first massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) developed on the Ethereum blockchain. Sidus NFT Heroes has open-world gameplay, similar to Grand Theft Auto or cyberpunk. Future NFT gaming play-to-earn is predicted to be at its finest thanks to a mix of NFTs, the metaverse, a play-to-earn mechanism, and the best graphics ever.

The project provides its users with a number of additional options to make money in addition to Galaxy Staking, including royalties, an NFT wrapping feature, and eventually a gaming DAO Metaverse. This means that over time, in the SIDUS play-to-earn competition, every NFT Hero can be transformed into a gaming personality. The NFT Heroes origin narrative offers a greater area for science fiction and potential gaming scenarios.

Sidus Heroes Gameplay

SIDUS HEROES is an all-inclusive game that provides excitement and opportunity to all kinds of players. Whether one is a team player or prefers to be a lone wolf, the games ensure equal excitement and economic benefits to everyone. SIDUS HEROES offers the opportunity for communication and teamwork with other players to complete challenging missions.

The Battle Arena

In the Battle Arena, users can engage in combat with one another, construct armies of warriors, and compete for supremacy. The most important and thrilling occurrence in the SIDUS universe is the players entering a PvP arena and engaging in combat. This is where the real awards are up for grabs and the distribution of valuable assets and resources occurs.

The Hero

The hero is the main character and economic agent of the game, joining teams to complete quests, join the missions and enter the battlefield. Each hero has his own unique characteristics, statistics, and different roles, making himself useful to the team in a different way. The development of heroes stops when a hero is neither on a quest nor on the battlefield. Personal indicators are developed with time as it is used on the battlefield against opponents.

Tokenomics Details

The game offers two different types of currencies covering all the economical processes i.e. SIDUS (the gaming token) and SENATE (the DAO or governance token). To make it as realistic as possible, a distinct economic system is used in the game. Just resources and opportunities play a huge role in somebody’s real life, same is the game with SIDUS. The Hero’s functionality evolves and improves in three different stages.

Each player has their own assets which are trackable and tradable at any time in the official marketplace. The player can own a huge amount of goods (clothes, images, spaceships, pets, and planets, as well as stake these assets for additional income.

The Verdict on Sidus Heroes

Personally, SIDUS NFT Heroes is one of the best NFT games currently in the world. It recently won the best metaverse game award (Golden Excellent in Metaverse Gaming) in the UAE. Unlike other NFT avatar works or projects, Sidus NFT Heroes gives its users a selection of revenue streams. Owners of NFTs shall deposit their tokens and begin earning money in the NFTs. It can also help players buy next-generation weapons from the Galaxy Global market. Users of SIDUS can acquire cash flow inside their Hero by using covered NFT services provided by SIDUS. Additionally, Sidus distributes 50% of the royalties received from the collection’s additional sale prices.

SIDUS NFT Heroes’ play-to-earn system is both open and fair. Additionally, the community controls the emission of the in-game tokens. SIDUS – The City of NFT Heroes is undoubtedly going to transform the crypto market with its NFT gaming thanks to all of its fascinating gameplay elements and its unique and dynamic setting.

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