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This year’s Super Bowl had zero cryptocurrency advertisements owing to previous experiences and heat from the community. However, there was an exception for one particular commercial promoting an NFT-based game. The game offered 10,000 free collectibles with a QR code to scan and mint. However, the process didn’t go as smoothly as anticipated for many viewers. Many NFT gaming enthusiasts complained about the wrong address of the QR code while others hit the jackpot. Despite the hiccup, some of the individuals who got the free NFT have sold it for substantial amounts, reaching hundreds of dollars. So, earning hundreds of dollars for a free mint NFT was a super valuable deal for many.

Limit Break’s Super Bowl Advertisement

Web3 gaming company, Limit Break, announced that it invested $6.5 million in a commercial promoting its anime-themed game project, DigiDaigaku. Investing such a huge amount is justifiable given the millions of eyeballs sticking to the screens in American region. Moreover, it was also a big deal as it was the lone Web3 ad that got the space in the mega event. The advertisement showcased a free Ethereum NFT mint, featuring an animated commercial centered around a persistent QR code. As per the advertisement, viewers were promised the ability to mint a free NFT for the game by simply scanning the code.

However, it wasn’t all smooth for many viewers. Regrettably, a number of viewers on Crypto Twitter reported that scanning the QR code directed them to the Twitter profile of Gabriel Leydon, Limit Break’s co-founder, and CEO. Fans and enthusiasts were not happy when the code took them to Leydon’s Twitter page. It led some users to miss the initial website loading before the redirection. Those affected took to Twitter to vent out.

Fans Took to Twitter

“I dropped everything to watch the Super Bowl for a 30-second ad that was supposed to bring generational wealth from a free mint,” tweeted pseudonymous Crypto Twitter personality ThreadGuy, “and all I got was the opportunity to follow a mfer on Twitter.”

DigiDaigaku, DigiDaigaku Dragon Eggs, Limit Break, super bowl, 2023
Limit Break Super Bowl ad

Others viewed the move as an attempt at “engagement farming” by Leydon. Some individuals claimed that Leydon tweeted the mint link prior to the commercial airing, while others expressed frustration that the minting process was not straightforward. To claim the NFT, users should have had an Ethereum wallet. This requirement could potentially exclude both new entrants to cryptocurrency and mainstream viewers.

“Dude really paid millions on a Super Bowl ad to leak the link on Twitter first and rug the mass public of their first NFT experience,” tweeted pseudonymous YouTuber Popeye. “This could have been massive if it was a super easy onboarding process with no wallet creation etc.”

Crypto Twitter is replete with numerous complaints of this nature. Despite this, Limit Break did distribute a portion of the promised 10,000 Ethereum NFTs for the DigiDaigaku collection. These free NFTs are seeing active trading on secondary markets as the Super Bowl progresses.

DigiDaigaku, DigiDaigaku Dragon Eggs, Limit Break

OpenSea Data on Limit Break NFTs

Data from NFT marketplace, OpenSea, shows that the DigiDaigaku Dragon Eggs NFTs were exchanging hands for over 0.5 ETH (equivalent to more than $750) immediately following the minting. However, the price has been fluctuating throughout the game, with ups and downs observed.

The floor price, or the cost of the lowest priced NFT on a marketplace, declined to approximately 0.32 ETH (approximately $485) on OpenSea during halftime. However, it has now risen back to 0.39 ETH ($585) as of now. Since the commercial aired, over 912 ETH (worth over $1.3 million) has already been traded.

The fluctuating price might be attributed, in part, to the ambiguity surrounding a second batch of Dragon Eggs NFTs. Leydon has been tweeting about a second opportunity to mint an additional 5,000 NFTs, which users can qualify for by registering through the DigiDaigaku website and retweeting one of his tweets. The status of these NFTs, whether they are included in the original 10,000 or will increase that number, is yet to be determined.

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