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Ascenders Game Review: Explore, Build, Fight, and Settle in this AAA ARPG Play to Earn Blockchain Game.

Discover the Top Play-to-Earn Crypto Game on Avalanche Blockchain: Ascenders. Play as a sword-wielding hero, accompanied by a loyal and brave pet sidekick, as you run, dash, slash and defeat robots in a player-driven action RPG set in a breathtakingly beautiful open-world with detailed environments on Avalanche blockchain.

Ascenders is a highly immersive, open-world Action RPG inspired by Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Its addicting combat mechanics and unique alien setting, featuring diverse environments and robot enemies, offer players a truly memorable gaming experience.

Ascenders is an upcoming, player-driven open-world Action RPG currently in development. The game features opportunities for the public to participate in demo challenges and experience the gameplay for themselves. With the ability to craft, build, explore, and fight, players can also acquire and own unique digital assets such as NFT lands, gear, and weapons. In addition, players can join forces with others to form powerful guilds.

Ascenders Game Lore

Uncover the mystery of an alien world in this AAA game set in a not-so-distant future. Engage in a captivating story as humanity lands on an enigmatic planet during their first wormhole jump. Explore stunning landscapes and face hidden dangers as you establish settlements on this uncharted world with no way back.

Embark on an adventure in a new world where survival is key. Players will have to craft new weapons and gear to overcome the challenges of this new world. As you build new cities and colonies, you will also manage an economy driven solely by players. Your ultimate goal is to either repair your seedship and return home or to settle permanently in this new world. Expand, fight and settle your way to success.

In addition to the main campaign and storyline, players can also take on side missions in the vast and dangerous world of Ascension. The unknown land is full of dangers and hostile native creatures that will attack outsiders on sight. Players can assist a variety of beings beyond humans as they explore and complete these side missions, adding depth and variety to the gameplay experience.

The Ascension world is filled with important locations that players must explore. These include the Overworld, the Seedship, Remnants of runes and abandoned settlements, and Outposts of alien settlements. Each of these locations holds unique challenges and opportunities for players to discover.

Ascenders Governance Council

The game features two types of tokens, the AGC Governance token and the GG currency token. Players will use AGC tokens to participate in the governing council and make decisions that shape the colony. By acquiring AGC tokens, players can play a role in the governance council and work with other members to make decisions that benefit humanity in the game world.

Ascenders Game Economy

In addition to the AGC Governance and GG currency tokens, the game also features a player-driven economy. Players have the ability to craft and manage a wide range of in-game items, and trade them in player-owned smitheries or on player-owned land. The game’s guilds also operate on a decentralized basis, with memberships granted using their own guild tokens, adding to the immersive and dynamic economy experience.

Ultimately, the game’s economy is managed by a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). This system has the potential to evolve the game into a metaverse, where players can build and govern a fully functioning civilization. It all begins with the seed of an idea and the potential to grow into a dynamic, player-governed economy model.

The game offers various opportunities for players to participate in its economy, catering to different playstyles. Players can choose to focus on combat, exploration, or building. As an explorer, players will engage in tasks such as collecting resources, farming, and making steady progress. However, their activities will be limited to the Overworld. In contrast, fighters are focused on acquiring powerful gear, competing on leaderboards, and raiding dungeons to gather rare resources in the Remnants.

Finally, builders approach the game with a long-term perspective, acting as investors. They will own NFT lands, analyze market trends, and make strategic decisions on which buildings to invest in. Builders play a crucial role in the game’s economy as their decisions can have a significant impact on the overall economy of the game.

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The development roadmap for Ascender is not based on a specific timeline, and the game is set to launch in its final phase, phase 8.

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