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Ascenders Game

Ascenders is an AAA-category blockchain game with a vast environment of open-world exploration.

The game follows a rich storyline and has a player-driven decentralized in-game economy. Players have complete autonomy over the supply and demand in the game. They can trade resources out of their own accord from the overworld.

Developed by Legendary Foundry Limited, the game provides the players with options to choose from various play to earn game modes. The NFTs created by the players and the dual token economy favor opportunities for trade and good competition among players. Moreover, the game is currently under development but with the demo out. The demo shows that the graphics and interface of the game are of the traditional mainstream gaming quality. This is something that is sure to make players want to come back more for the gameplay alone.

Ascenders Gameplay

The gameplay looks like a mix of Zelda and Eve: Online with the former’s sub-terrain story and the latter’s MMO economy. The Ascenders follow three game modes namely the explorer mode, the builder mode, and the fighter mode. In the explorer mode, players can roam around the open environment and look for rare resources, free land, and dungeons. In the builder mode, the players have a wide possibility of constructing structures and buildings like the Guildhalls, the Armorsmiths, the Stables, Silos, and Refineries, all of whom contribute to the game’s economy.

Although with such a wide variety of options there is limited area to build so, the players must first assess the situation of the market and economy to decide what should be built where. In the fighter mode, the dungeons and overworld filled with monsters and creatures need to be cleaned and exterminated so construction can be started by the Builders.

The game uses a variety of tokens, the Glow Gem is the primary utility token and the $AGC is the governance token. Even the NFTs are of two types – the land parcels and the NFT player-minted items like weapons, armor, equipment, etc.

The terrain of the Ascension world is diverse and beautiful with unique resources, creatures, and challenges which has something for everyone!

Ascenders Official Trailer