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Azra Games Secure Promising Funding for its NFT Games

Azra Games gets another solid funding for its upcoming sci-fi NFT game. The gaming studio has secured an additional $10 million in funding from A16z to develop games featuring non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Thus far, the Sacramento-based company has raised a total of $25 million in seed funding. And is actively developing a game titled Legions & Legends, an NFT game. The investment round was led by Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) from their $600 million game investment fund. Other investors who participated in the funding round include NFX, Coinbase Ventures, Play Ventures, and Franklin Templeton.

“We believe that the unique ownership and economic models Web3 provides will revolutionize how people play online games,” wrote Arianna Simpson, partner at A16z.

Investments Flowing in for Promising Blockchain Projects

The recent funding round demonstrates that despite market downturns, top-tier game companies can still secure funding for blockchain games. In 2021, blockchain games made up half of all funding for game companies. However, following the cryptocurrency market downturn and the collapse of FTX, NFT games have encountered greater difficulties.

Mark Otero Journey and Web3 Objectives

Mark Otero, who oversaw the creation of Electronic Arts’ popular mobile game Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, is at the helm of Azra Games. According to EA data from 2021, the game has generated over $1 billion in revenue to date.

Earlier, Otero stated that Azra Games aims to build intricate and immersive game worlds. It aims to offer a specialized in-game economy and virtual collectibles, all powered by Web3 technology, including NFTs. Otero is collaborating with Sonny Mayugba and Travis Boudreaux, both of whom are seasoned entrepreneurs. Additionally, Azra Games has recruited veterans from Capital Games.

Following his departure from Capital Games some time ago, Otero took a hiatus from gaming. He later began experimenting with programming on the blockchain, and he experienced an “aha moment” as he became enamored with the idea of gamers being able to own the assets they purchased in a game. In most cases, players merely rent the items they buy, and if the publisher shuts down, players lose their entire investment. Moreover, Otero believed that with NFTs, players could verify the authenticity of their one-of-a-kind items and truly possess them.

Otero, who spent his formative years in South Korea playing Dungeons & Dragons before eventually moving with his family to Sacramento, expressed his delight at being a Dungeon Master once more.

Otero on Web3 Future

Despite the skepticism surrounding blockchain games, Otero expressed hope and promise. He is confident that his team’s credibility would help them succeed with their NFT-based game. For this reason, the company chose to begin its funding journey with reputable game venture capitalists rather than an NFT token sale.

Otero has his own perspective on what makes games enjoyable and how to create great games. He pointed out that some of the entrepreneurs in the NFT game space have never created games before.

Azra Games Project Legions & Legends and NFTs

Previously, Azra Games launched its ‘The HopefulNFTs collection for the Legions and Legends game

Owners of Play Forever Pass™ (PFP) NFTs receive access to a variety of high-end benefits, including:

Exclusive content from all Azra Games, including Legions & Legends

Valuable in-game items at no cost

Access to Private Discord, Sneak Peeks, and Epic Drops

Early demos and other perks.

Mark Otero on The Hopeful

“Our collection’s name The Hopeful reflects both that promise and the spirit. The graphic novel art style is a tribute to the golden age of comics where Azra’s Paul Martin, a former Marvel comic artist, led the finalizing style. We are excited to partner with Magic Eden to bring our mint to all the crypto hopefuls.”

Azra Games aims to develop rich and captivating game worlds with a unique in-game economy and digital collectibles, utilizing Web3 technology like NFTs that rely on the blockchain to verify distinct digital assets. The company plans to utilize the seed funding to expedite the creation of its inaugural game, an exciting, mythical RPG that features collectibles and large-scale combat.

Azra Games’ first game is a sci-fi fantasy universe collectibles and combat role-playing game.

More About the Game

Players will be able to command Legions in a new battle experience, craft massive war machines, trade in-game NFT collectibles, and earn rewards in a new kind of in-game economy.

The characters in the Hopeful collection are members of the Genesis Merchant Company, the adventurous miners, traders, explorers, and scrappers who discovered the Corvus Galaxy featured in Legions & Legends. Those who own this genesis collection will have the first chance to beta test the game.

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