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GRIT is a AAANFT wild west battle royale play to earn game that will surely wake your inner cowboy. Just when you thought you couldn’t possibly see any new innovation in the battle royale genre, out came GALA Games with an answer. Now, to most traditional gamers, this game might not seem all that impressive, but those who have been dabbling their luck in the Play to Earn universe would undoubtedly disagree.

The best way to describe this game would be to think of it as a combination of Fortnite and Red Dead Redemption. GRIT captures the beauty of the gun-slinging 18th-century Wild West America and the fun of Fortnite all in one. The graphics however aren’t up to par with what most traditional gamers would expect.

But looking at most Play to Earn games, the graphics are still quite impressive and I can really picture people playing this for long hours because I certainly would.

GRIT Gameplay

GRIT stays quite close to the battle royale genre’s foundational elements, which were established by PUBG and Fortnite. Players jump and parachute onto the game’s map, then they arm themselves with what they can find and in order to win they must be the last one standing.

However, the game does have some of its distinctive features for example the calamity storm that is ever-shrinking in the game, can also follow targets. It can follow players, horses, or even trains.

Another distinctive element within the game is that if you die, you get a chance at a recall. After dying you will face another eliminated opponent in a PvP fight to the death, the winner gets the recall.

The wild old west theme really catches the eye and a day/night cycle gives it that authenticity. I believe that players will really enjoy exploring the landscapes, farms, homes, forests, and unique in-game locations.

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Combat and Guns in GRIT

The game will be played in a third-person view. You can ride horses and even drive trains in order to get around. The weapons would be old western styled and there are 4 main gun categories:

  • Handguns
  • Shotguns
  • Rifles
  • Snipers

You will also have a range of melee and throwables, with special category guns which are unclear for now. The weapons will also be classed by color similar to what we see in Fortnite. Grey would be categorized as common with the lowest stats, green as uncommon, blue as rare, pink as epic, and finally orange as legendary.

Players will also get to choose perks for their characters. Moreover, 225 million loadout variations and 20 different guns are promised by the developers. Players will have the option to play solo, duo, or with a squad. I think the idea of a western-styled gang would be a fantasy most players would live out in the squad’s mode.


How to Play GRIT?

Let’s start off with some good news. GRIT is a free-to-play game. Yes, you can enter and partake in the experience without having an NFT. You can just jump in and start playing to earn rewards and cosmetics through performances, which is a concept popularized by Fortnite. Or you may get a battle pass to have access to even more things.



Now comes the big play to earn question, will the free playable character that players get, be an NFT, and will customize it through winning prizes increase the value?

I cannot give you an official answer on this, but through my experience, it probably won’t go down like that. You can enjoy playing with these characters and cosmetics on them will only add to the fun, not to your wallet.

However, you do own items at the second tier. Your generative hero is going to be a crucial NFT. This is a character who will grow together with you persistently throughout the experience, developing their talents along certain class levels. Your hero will also come with his/her own cosmetics loadout, which hasn’t been explained all too well. I suspect the cosmetics will be unique to the hero’s category.

An NFT might also be your horse. According to the paperwork, your character and horse may develop a stronger bond as you play more games together.


Only 10,000 Generative Heroes available at the launch

Now having a limited number of generative heroes only arouses one question among most P2E players. How many people will have the chance to own their own NFT? If for example there won’t be more playable NFTs launched after the initial ones, the price of each can skyrocket.

I can honestly expect this game to have a massive playing audience since there is a good chance that it will probably be available on multiple platforms like most EPIC GAMES projects usually are.

Similarly, how will the Horse NFT work? Will people rent horses from other players? Or will there be a breeding and selling option? So, many questions and for some, I guess we’ll just have to wait and watch.


How does one Play to Earn in GRIT?

You can earn the in-game Token GALA by performing well in the game and how much you earn will be based on your performance. Like in Fortnite, you can grind your way into buying yourself an NFT. This is probably the best news for most gamers. But, there are certain conditions in which you can earn even more.

You will earn more GALA tokens if you have the battle pass. Additionally, if you own a Generative Hero, you will earn even more tokens. There isn’t any mention of this, but I do believe that since GRIT is a play to earn game, it might also reward you more for owning an NFT horse.

For now, there has been no mention of horse breeding, renting, or in fact even a marketplace. But we all know that it is inevitable.


EPIC GAMES’ Involvement is a Game Changer

Honestly speaking looking at play to earn platforms. I believe that GALA GAMES is doing something really special and different from others, I have high expectations of them and EPIC GAMES certainly feels the same way.

You see EPIC GAMES has a massive community and has had massive success with projects like Rocket League, Infinity Blade, Fortnite, and more. Fortnite alone has over 400 million registered users. They literally own the unreal engine, which has been involved in countless AAA games.


EPIC GAMES market has more than 200 Million Users

This means that the launch of GRIT, a NFT game, has a potential audience of over 200 million people. Moreover, it’s not like EPIC GAMES is doing GRIT a solid by featuring them in their store. Both companies are partnered on this project, which means that potentially the very best developers in the gaming industry are working on this together. The details of the partnership remain undisclosed, but EPIC GAMES is not known to take any silly risks.

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