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The Funding is for Lowlife Forms, their Debut Blockchain game, and Web3 Game-verse platform

VitalXP raises $3M in funds for its debut blockchain NFT game Lowlife Forms, it also plans to utilize funding for its Web3 game-verse platform.

VitalXP has raised an extra 3 million dollars in pre-seed financing. The funding came for an action-packed gameverse platform and its debut game, Lowlife Forms. This huge funding, led by Streamlined Ventures and Marbruck Investments, demonstrated how people are still trusting Web3-based games, despite a cryptocurrency crash and challenging circumstances in the blockchain industry. The Round also shows that Web3 games and projects are still getting the funding and attention of investors.

Lowlife Forms is set in a gritty yet amusing science-fantasy universe, populated by alien smugglers. The universe has droid bounty hunters, mercenaries, scam artists, and psychotic crime lords. The story resides at the nexus of mysterious shamanistic magic and alien technology.

Tarik Malak, creative director for Lowlife Forms, explains how they are starting from the roots, all the way up. That includes the community, helping the players and fans to be part of the experience from day one. The game’s story and development are kind of open-ended, meaning it will develop along the way with the experience of all the factors involved.

VitalXP raises $3M funds for its debut blockchain NFT game Lowlife Forms, it also plans to utilize funding for its Web3 game-verse platform.
VitalXP raises $3M funds for Lowlife Forms

The inspiration behind Lowlife Forms

Malak claimed that the game was on his mind for a very long time. However, it has only ever been a side project, till he met Roberto Rodriguez. Rodriguez had experience working for Infinity Ward and Insomniac Games and so the group was formed in 2018 and 2019. Thus Roberto became the cofounder and chief technology officer of the company.

The main goal behind the proposal was to realize and showcase the true potential of blockchain gaming. The duo raised a seed round in 2020 and may be looking for yet another this year. Lowlife Forms is being built from the ground up to exist across media and chains.

The convergence of the criminal underworld and scientific fantasy serves as the foundation for the game just like Cyberpunk 2077. Hence, according to Malak, the main source of influence behind the game was movies, particularly that of the 1970s. Malak wanted the game to be depicted as the criminal underworld, like Scarface or The Godfather, with a character-driven approach.

The Blockchain Integration by VitalXP

After the story, they turned their attention to blockchain technology and the nexus between gaming and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). They worked on finding a deeper approach to include NFTs in games than merely as collectibles. The plan was to use NFTs to enable extensive customization and collective ownership. “You’re benefiting [from the NFTs] in the sense that now we all have access to this mod that’s going to make us play in a sandstorm,” said Malak.

Another notable thing is that it’s not a typical pay-to-win game where you have to own NFTs. Instead, NFTs will give you access to mods that could make the gameplay different. It is a genuine game and the idea is to make it enjoyable to play. Even if you don’t have the NFTs, you can still enjoy this game, yet the possibilities are expanded by NFTs.

VitalXP’s Lowlife Forms NFT Drop

The game’s key assets will be minted and stored as NFTs on Solana blockchain, though most of the game platform lives off-chain. The initial drop plans to feature the first set of playable characters, selling for 4.4 Sol each ($100). The drop is scheduled for March 9 on Magic Eden, and more collections will drop every three months after that, giving players even more ways to customize the game.

Lowlife Forms will also offer future drops on Solana, Ethereum, and other blockchains and is viewed as a true multi-chain project by Vital XP. Speaking to the media, Malak explained how VitalXP is doing essential work for the web3 and entertainment industries. Whether or not users are aware of it today, ownership of digital game assets will transform the market. In the current system, though its users invest time and energy into customizing the environment, it’s the publishers that profit financially from this. He also expressed how he believes that user-driven game economies will quickly become the new norm.

The first episode of the game is due to be aired on PC by the end of the year. The funds collected will be used to ensure the game is completed and aired on time, which will be followed by more episodes.

Emerging as the new dominant stakeholder in the blockchain sector, the mission of VitalXP is to obscure the lines between developers, players, modders, community members, and investors. The idea is to involve the community in IP development and company roadmaps from the very beginning.

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