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Amneisa Rebirth

Today we are here with a horror game review; Frictional’s Amnesia Rebirth. It is a self-respecting and spine chilling horror game that departs a lot from horror clichés like gloomy corridors and shadowy corners. Some bold choices made by the game developers indeed.

Amnesia Rebirth & Frictional Games

is a lot more than its predecessors, now seven years later, Frictional Games has finally returned to the series with a bang. It aims to return to that deeply rooted sense of Dread. Despite being light on the horror side of things, it feels more like a spooky narrative-driven puzzle game.

The story can be a little hard to follow at times due to the character’s amnesia and confusion as well as the navigating problems. The environment in this game is much larger as compared to the sinister halls of Dark Descent; scorching deserts, pitch-black caves, and otherworldly settings give a challenging time to survive through death and despair.

Amneisa Rebirth And Horrorween, Game Review Of A Spine Chilling Horror Game

Amneisa Rebirth And Horrorween, Game Review Of A Spine Chilling Horror Game

In this game, different types of fear and anxiety keep the scares intact throughout the journey. Fear and darkness are the main obstacles that you must bear with as you nervously search for your companions.

The only weapons in this game are your wits and your light. Searching for anything useful through debris and shelves frantically is as thrilling as it is gratifying especially under duress. Having to figure things out when the danger is just around the corner will surely pump up your adrenaline. Attempting puzzles in high pressure and frightening situations is a testament to how intense Rebirth can be.

The best thing about this game is that it has multiple endings depending on your actions and decisions. This game is undeniably scary, throughout the 10 hours of the journey all manners of terror will seep into your mind. Jump scares, existential dread, claustrophobia and necrophobia should keep you on the edge and exhausted.

Amneisa: Rebirth And Horrorween, Game Review Of A Spine Chilling Horror Game

Amneisa: Rebirth And Horrorween, Game Review Of A Spine Chilling Horror Game

Amnesia Rebirth has arrived just in time and it will surely remind of the true meaning of fear.


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