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In today’s game news, we discuss one of the top blockchain games, Alien Worlds, a play-to-earn game. Alien Worlds is massive in outlook, it offers a lot to gamers as it is an NFT blockchain with an astronomical decentralized metaverse powered by Ethereum, WAX, and BSC blockchain platforms. Additionally, the game offers its metaversal currency Trilium which is an in-game reward and also stakable and lets users participate in DAO governance. Players engage in the exploration of other planets, do mining, acquire and rent land, and cast votes for planetary governance. The game also requires strategic decision-making and actions that will play role in the future as each planet offers its own NFTs and games. Stick with us as we take you through Alien Worlds and its offerings. So, seek your future, find NFTs, earn Trilium, take part in planet DAOs, lease spacecraft, and connect with other players on the Metaverse where everything is an NFT.

Alien Worlds Back Drop Story

The story of Alien Worlds is very interesting, and it takes place on Earth in the year 2055, when pandemics are very common. Humans are in bad shape, and hundreds and thousands have died due to these raging pandemics. The flow of life is disrupted, and survival is the utmost priority for everyone. Some people have moved to other planets to get away from the widespread pandemics and stay alive. In the race to get off of planet Earth, the Federation stumbled upon something surprising. The Federation is the most advanced bitcoin mining community that discovered a strange algorithmic pattern.

Alien Worlds, play-to-earn, free to play, blockchain game, Trilium mining, NFTs
Alien WorldsPlay-to-earn game

This strange sign came from a long-distance, advanced alien race that used algorithms for bitcoin mining to send messages. The messages led to the discovery of a wormhole that let humans travel to far-flung areas, i.e., exoplanets. The Federation proceeded with the wormhole and discovered a supply of a super-rare element, Trilium. However, the supply of this element is also limited. Moreover, their discovery led to the finding of several habitable planets.

The Federation of Alien Worlds is made up of all six planets in the Alien Worlds metaverse. Everything on these planets is tokenized and is associated with ancient AI infrastructure. The metaverse offers a lot to the players, where they can either mine to earn Trilium, just go head-to-head in battle arenas, or enter the ownership realm to offer land leases and other new products and services to the galaxy. However, humans are not alone in this galaxy; there are mysterious and unknown alien races that can cause havoc. So, from here on, you are in charge of your story as well as your destiny.

The Planets in Alien Worlds Game

The Alien Worlds Metaverse hosts six planets, each with unique attributes and challenges.

Eyeke: Eyeke is the most Earth-like planet in appearance and the closest alien world to Earth. But the planet is home to a group of Greys who live as monks and think of Eyeke as a spiritual place. The good news is that Eyeke’s inhabitants allow Trilium mining.

Kavian: Kavian’s landscape is rocky and icy and hosts reptiloid villages. However, there are certain unusual areas on this planet that have diverse biosystems.

Magor: The environmental conditions in Magor are hostile, to say the least. It has dense smoke due to volcanic eruptions, and its terrain is quite mountainous. Magor does not host many settlements, but its sandy area is an exception, where many hidden secrets are waiting for you.

Naron: Naron is a planet that has seen many conflicts due to a sacred lake, Nyari. Many alien species have held claims to the lake, which has caused conflicts to take place.

Neri: The Neri planet has little green people as inhabitants, and the landscape offers the largest forests and sandy areas of all.

Veles: Finally, we have Veles, which is arguably the most beautiful planet of all. It has nearly the same amount of water as Earth. It also has unique alien plants, and many Nordic aliens stop there on their travels. Many have already made it their permanent settlement.

Alien Worlds, play-to-earn, free to play, blockchain game, Trilium mining, NFTs
Alien Worlds Planets – Play-to-earn game

Alien Worlds Core NFTs

Check out the list of core NFTs in Alien Worlds:

Alien Worlds offers click mining and Trilium staking for earning purposes. The battle arena fight mode is not yet implemented. So, the game is a good option to generate a passive income stream if you have an investment to make. The introduction of DAO will also add a lot of momentum to the game, so keep an eye out for the new updates and launches in Alien Worlds.

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