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Gone are the days when video games served the sole purpose of unwinding, entertaining, storytelling, and or killing time. The majority of the gamers didn’t earn a single penny by playing their favorite games but rather spent a lot on in-game items. Unless you are among the handful of gamers that have a masterful skillset in your favorite games, you can’t earn much in conventional gaming. This is where gaming is experiencing an evolution, things are turning out differently now. We have a new category of games among us, the Play to Earn games using blockchain technology. This avenue provides players with plenty of options to make quick bucks, lunch money, or heck, even thousands of dollars.

However, play-to-earn games too have different categories in them. One of the most popular ones is the P2E NFT game. Let’s find out what makes NFT games different, and what they hold for gamers. When we look at the P2E concept, it is easy to understand, you play games, and you earn real money. However, different developers have different ways to implement this technology in games.

As of now, we have two different types of games that stems from P2E, games that revolve around the collection, and games that focus on creation. An example where developers launch the NFT collection is The Walking Dead franchise. Its collection dropped in March this year and comprises 5000 walkers each with traits totaling 30. The other idea is creation, where you can relive the best moments of your lives in a metaverse. You will have the opportunity to rebuild your memories in the metaverse. The best example to understand this phenomenon is in the upcoming metaverse game Reflect. Both ideas have NFTs as their foundation.

What are Play to Earn NFT Games?

NFT games are also commonly known as crypto games. These games provide players with an opportunity to claim real-life ownership of in-game items. These items undergo minting as NFTs on a blockchain. This is where the NFT games share common grounds with traditional games; in-game items, and in-game currency. However, minting digital assets as NFTs and using cryptocurrency to buy or sell opens a plethora of opportunities for gamers to earn money.

So, to put it more simply, any in-game asset like skin, character, attire, currency, virtual land, house, etc. player may earn or buy and later sell for profit. And you never know which item may bring you a ton of wealth.

How Do P2E and NFT Games Work?

One word: decentralization, it is the biggest distinction that NFT games have. The player feedback is what runs the changes in the game and improvements are introduced accordingly. Moreover, dedicated modders and players often join hands to launch a decentralized autonomous organization to further the community building among play to earn gamer base. Moreover, taking part in the game and getting involved in the game’s economy adds value for other players as well as developers.

Types of NFT Games

Well, there are two types of NFT games, one requires an investment upfront and the others are completely free. Take for example Axie Infinity, it requires a player to buy Axies to begin playing and earning. While others like Splinterlands and the Sandbox are totally free, to begin with.

Top NFT Games to Play and Earn



Decentraland- play to earn


Decentraland game metaverse is a lot similar to Minecraft, Second Life, and Roblox. But, of course, with the benefit of making real money out of it. This game has tremendous industry support and is a complete decentralized 3D virtual world. Here, players can purchase plots and create their own creations on them.

Guild of Guardians

Guild of Guardians- play to earn
Guild of Guardians


Second up, we have Guild of Guardians which is a must-play NFT game. It is a famous mobile RPG where players build their dream team of guardians and compete in the guild to win and earn rewards. These rewards are tradable in the market space with the real value behind them.

Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained - play to earn
Gods Unchained


Gods Unchained is a massively popular trading card game much like Hearthstone. It has a 24-hour trading volume of $2.57 million on Immutable X. It also reigns supreme in NFTs with over 13 million NFTs launches and over 65000 asset holders. The game will require you to strategically outsmart your opponents by building a powerful deck of cards. Moreover, if you get your hands on certain limited cards, you may make a ton of money as some cards are highly valuable ones.

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