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Metacade’s rapid sellout of stage 3 in its crypto presale has captured widespread attention, resulting in an investment total of $4.9 million. Investors seeking top opportunities in 2023 have turned their focus to Metacade, positioning it as a top contender for providing impressive returns to early investors. Learn more about why this innovative virtual gaming arcade has a chance to stand out in 2023.

Metacade Pre-sale Receives Massive Response

At the start of its presale event, Metacade’s native MCADE token came out at $0.008, attracting the attention of astute investors who rushed in droves to acquire the token at the most favorable price.

Metacade’s recent success is a major achievement, with the excitement surrounding its brand-new blockchain gaming platform poised to revolutionize the online gaming industry. The blockchain gaming sector is experiencing substantial growth, with projections forecasting a 70% yearly increase in crypto gaming from now until 2027, resulting in an industry worth of nearly $63 billion.

Metacade’s innovative multi-game approach stands in contrast to the typical GameFi titles that rely on a limited number of games. This can put pressure on platforms to continuously release new content to maintain player interest. However, Metacade has the advantage of introducing cutting-edge titles to keep its users engaged. This makes it a standout investment opportunity in 2023 and a highly sought-after crypto presale.

What to Expect About Metacade in 2023?

The nine presale rounds are anticipated to sell out quickly. Following that, MCADE will be available for trading on decentralized exchanges (DEXs) and centralized exchanges such as Bitmart. Metacade is expected to continue its growth and soon open its virtual arcade doors to the public. As a result, it is predicted that the platform will attract a large number of gamers who are eager to play its unmatched selection of play-to-earn (P2E) titles.

As Metacade gains recognition and more people become aware of the platform, demand for MCADE tokens may as well skyrocket. Early presale investors may retain their investments, with the expectation of a rise in value. According to careful prediction, MCADE could potentially reach $1 in 2023, resulting in significant growth. Given these projections, it’s easy to see why MCADE is one of the top crypto presales to invest in this year.

More About Metacade

Metacade is a pioneering online virtual arcade driven by its community, using blockchain technology to offer gamers a one-of-a-kind and cutting-edge play-to-earn (P2E) gaming experience. Metacade aims to become a major innovator in the Web 3 space by creating a gathering place for GameFi enthusiasts. The idea is to connect and shape the future of P2E gaming.

The comprehensive plans outlined in Metacade’s comprehensive and dynamic white paper are many. It includes opportunities for community members to earn through various earning streams, such as Compete2Earn. This enables players to use their MCADE tokens to participate in online tournaments and win prizes. Additionally, Create2Earn, provides users with rewards for every piece of content shared on the platform.

Metacade Working Mechanism

The platform operates on its own currency, MCADE, which is sustained by various internal and external sources of revenue. This self-sustaining ecosystem generates a steady stream of rewards for community members and the funds for Metacade to grow and evolve.

Metacade generates revenue not only from token staking but also from pay-to-play games similar to a physical arcade. The platform also receives funding from external sources such as advertising and launchpad fees from other gaming studios to release games on Metacade. It will charge Web3 companies fees to post top industry job openings on its job board. It will fall in the Work2Earn program starting in Q1 2024.

Users can earn rewards in several ways. By taking on gig work, freelance positions, and participating in paid beta-testing for new games prior to their official release on the platform.

Metacade’s revolutionary feature is the Metagrants scheme will launch in Q3 2023. Developers present game ideas to the MCADE community for voting. Metacade funds the development of top-voted ideas and supports the creators. The first Metagrant-supported game will release in Q1 2024 following thorough beta testing.

All parties benefit from the Metagrants initiative, including developers, gamers, Metacade, and the Web3 industry. Gamers select the games they prefer and developers gain valuable experience in the cryptocurrency gaming field. Metacade continues to progress with frequent releases of top P2E games, attracting an expanding number of GameFi fans.

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