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The future of blockchain gaming gains momentum as Gala Games is introducing $Gala (v2), a new era for the ecosystem. The Gala Games ecosystem named the second version of its token, GALA (v2). It seeks to give players a cutting-edge gaming experience and make it possible for them to receive rewards while competing.

Gala Games recently tweeted:

“We are happy to announce that on May 15th, all addresses holding $GALA on ETH will receive the new $GALA(v2) token! There are significant improvements coming to the token itself, and we will be releasing an audit report shortly”.

Gala Games announces the launch of $GALA(v2) on May 15th as the ecosystem continues to expand and innovate. The Gala token Ethereum contract experienced several improvements as a result of this update. These include better burn mechanisms, security upgrades, and the possibility to upgrade in the future. Also, the firm plans to make sure that $GALA and the ecosystem establish their reputation in blockchain technology and follow future trends.

A decentralized market, player token awards, and the option to stake tokens for higher benefits are just a few of the elements offered by the recently announced ecosystem. The ecosystem also aims to be adaptable, allowing it to support high user and transaction volumes.

$Gala(v2) Token Drop

Prior to the $GALA(v2) launch, Gala Games have set up a straight 1:1 token drop for all customers currently holding $GALA(v1) on Ethereum to instantly acquire the new $GALA (v2). $GALA (v1) will no longer be available once the drop wave finishes. To execute a smooth transition, Gala Games are actively interacting with their exchange partners. The majority of their partners have already been contacted. However, to make sure the drop gets delivered to the holders personally, they have recommended keeping your $GALA in your private wallet.

Gala (v2) is an ERC-20 token built on the Ethereum blockchain. The token focuses to speed up transactions inside the Gala Games ecosystem. Further, it gives users access to the services and offerings of the platform.

The primary usage of the Gala(v2) token is its integration into the decentralized marketplace of the ecosystem. Using GALA tokens, users can securely and transparently exchange values within the platform. Moreover, they can securely buy and sell in-game items and other digital assets.

Gala Games have taken measures to update and communicate with their community and gamers as they get closer to another remarkable milestone. If you have the passion to play their games, stay tuned to keep yourself informed for the most up-to-date happenings and insights.

Gala Games are helping the loyal community that has accompanied them during ups and downs. We can expect a promising future for $GALA and the projects that will be based on it. This new age for GALA opens the door for a vibrant ecosystem that benefits everyone who takes part.

They have developed promising projects with a prime focus on player ownership and decentralization. Following are some of the spectacular games by veteran blockchain gaming firm, Gala Games:

Gala Games Promising Web3 Projects

Town Star

Town Star is the flagship play-to-earn town-builder game developed by Gala Games. Players strive to construct the most effective town in the shortest timeframe in this town-building game. In this competitive farming game, players complete tasks to gain Town Points and the in-game currency (TOWN). Moreover, the leaderboard winners are eligible to win rewards. The main goal of the game is to expand, harvest, and create your way to the most efficient and prosperous town you can imagine.

However, the town star is almost there as it stood at #4 for daily active users (DAU) in blockchain gaming.

Spider Tanks

Spider Tanks is a PVP Brawler game developed by Gamedia and published by Gala Games. In this game, players operate a tank and engage in real-time combat with rivals.

In several different game types, two teams of tanks engage in combat against one another in Spider Tanks. Players can customize their combat vehicles with a variety of upgrades and equipment. Each tank has its unique mix of weaponry and abilities.

Spider Tanks has a distinctive feature which is a physics-based movement engine, enabling players to drive their tanks across the battlefield in a realistic manner. Players must gain proficiency to take use of the terrain and barriers, which adds another level of strategy.

Gala Games is a revolutionary platform that is striving to expand the scope of what is feasible in the sector. The business is developing a gaming structure that simply enables players to have full control of their in-game assets.

Gala Games Introduces $GALA(v2) The Second Version of the Token
Gala Games Introduces $GALA(v2) The Second Version of the Token

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