Skip to main content Blasts NFTs and terms them as NFT Scam.

When asked about the stance on NFT’s, didn’t hold back or mince words, it went all out with a clear-cut stance; NFT Scam. The straightforward and ruthless answer was; NFTs are a scam. Blasts NFTs, Calls It NFT Scam Blasts NFTs, Calls It NFT Scam now stands with the likes of Steam and others that have slammed NFTs games. is the biggest digital marketplace for indie gamers and developers and it hosts hundreds of thousands of games.

NFT Scam? said on Twitter, “A few have asked about our stance on NFTs: NFTs are a scam. If you think they are legitimately useful for anything other than the exploitation of creators, financial scams, and the destruction of the planet the[n] we ask that [you] please reevaluate your life choices.”

The Tweet comes in days after Team17 and EA changed course regarding NFTs. The indie marketplace is now among those who now stand openly against NFT’s.

The decision is in contrast to Ubisoft who strongly supported NFTs and even launched it in Ghost Recon: Breakpoint as part of a scheme called Ubisoft Quartz.

Let’s have a look at some of the recent NFTs cancellations. Team17 recently canceled plans for Worms NFTs, Stalker 2 also canceled its NFT auction. EA’s co-founder also signaled that they aren’t as much interested in NFT’s as before. Blasts NFTs, Calls It NFT Scam Blasts NFTs, Calls It NFT Scam

Tony Baker also canceled his partnership with an NFT firm. And then we have Discord canceling all its NFTs and crypto plans.

However, you can still find NFT games on the indie marketplace Itch. But their entire model is based on the idea that Itch sells almost anything and everything and a lot too without any profit.

But Itch has cleared its stance about crypto and NFTs and it is evident that the platform is well aware of all the problems and facade NFTs and crypto have.

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