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Tencent’s TiMi Studio to Launch new Video Game Development Studio in Singapore.

Video game and tech conglomerate Tencent Holdings head to Singapore to launch its new game development studio. Recently, Singapore has become a regional hub for the gaming industry with several big gaming companies like Riot Games and Ubisoft investing in it.

New Tencent TiMi Studio Launch In Singapore

New Tencent TiMi Studio Launch In Singapore

Now, Tencent, the world’s leading video game industry in terms of revenues, opens a new game development studio under its TiMi Studio Group. TiMi Studio is behind the astronomically popular games; Call of Duty Mobile and Honour of Kings.

This new game development studio is Tencent’s first studio in the city-state and TiMi’s fourth overseas studio. Previously, TiMi has studios in Montreal, Los Angeles, and Seattle.

So, why are big gaming companies making a move to Singapore? The answer lies behind China’s recent regulatory crackdown on Tencent and other top gaming companies.

Stringent rules, regulatory crackdowns, and video game licensing delays have motivated big tech giants like TikTok owner ByteDance and now Tencent to move operations to Singapore.

Singapore has low taxes, warm weather, and high-paying jobs which attract foreigners. Moreover, its less stringent regulations have attracted international video gaming companies and taken shape as a regional hub.

Riot Games, Tencent’s subsidiary company, has moved the majority of its employees from Hong Kong to Singapore. Moreover, Ubisoft is also busy consolidating its Ubisoft Singapore studio which also has had a significant contribution in recent Ubisoft hit Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla.

Tencent hasn’t publicly announced its TiMi Singapore studio but online job postings for middle and senior-level hiring for software engineers position further confirms the notion. The media still awaits Tencent’s confirmation on the news.

New Tencent TiMi Studio Launch In Singapore

New Tencent TiMi Studio Launch In Singapore

TiMi Singapore project aims to assist TiMi’s F1 studio which is working on metaverse related experience. TiMi has named Francois Dallaire, a veteran in the gaming industry who previously worked for Ubisoft and Riot Games, as its principal technical artist for TiMi Singapore.

However, Singapore also has its share of controversy as it recently investigated Ubisoft Singapore over sexual harassment allegations and racial discrimination.

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