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Citizen Conflict Game: Play and Earn in Dystopian Sci-fi Team-based Shooter Blockchain Game.

In today’s video game review, we bring you yet another upcoming promising free-to-play, play-to-earn, AAA game Citizen Conflict. The game is built on Unreal Engine 5, a team-based third-person shooter game. Citizen Conflict brings us the vibes of Cyberpunk with its stunning graphics, captivating storyline, and sci-fi fantasy in a dystopian world. This dystopian world has a lot to offer players in terms of unique settings, environments, gears, masks, and more. The competition is lethal out there which might break you or make you. So choose your faction wisely and become a legend by conquering every district.

Citizen Conflict is an AAA hero shooter built on Binance Smart Chain, designed by a talented team of over 90 individuals with diverse backgrounds from companies such as Riot Games, EA, Gameloft, and Ubisoft. With their extensive experience, they have created a game mechanic that provides a financially viable way for players to earn rewards for their skills and time invested.

Citizen Conflict Storyline

The early 2030s saw humanity come to the realization that the climate crisis posed a threat to their survival on Earth unless they took collective action. This led to the establishment of a planetary government that would govern all nations of Terra. Some nations joined voluntarily, while others were coerced through the threat of exclusion from international trade, travel, and financial systems. A “Common Degrowth Plan” with stringent measures was adopted to reduce the overall economy and shift it towards sustainability, circularity, and localization.

To summarize, opinions were divided and conflict arose. Governments changed, wars were fought, and so forth. However, what’s important is that Ether Islands became a refuge for those who rejected the new system. People with a thirst for power, wealth, and high social standing who refused to abandon their old ways were given their own territory to uphold their ideologies.

Ether Islands is a dystopian society set in the year 2101, consisting of 10 districts. The former Earth is now Terra and is under the rule of a central planetary government. To combat ecological collapse, the Terra government enforces strict regulations prohibiting the integration of AI and humanity. However, this shift towards a more sustainable, inclusive, and equitable lifestyle caused the emergence of The Order, an influential resistance group comprised of wealthy elites who sought a place where they can live by their own set of rules. The result was the creation of Ether Island, a haven for those who prefer unrest and power dynamics over peace and equality.

Citizen Conflict: Dystopian Sci-Fi Team Shooter with Blockchain Rewards
New Vegas Citizen Conflict

Citizen Conflict Gameplay

Experience the thrill of conquest in Citizen Conflict, a free-to-play team shooter where legendary characters with extraordinary powers engage in intense battles in teams or solo for glory and riches on the outskirts of the mainland. Command a diverse roster of formidable heroes, each with their own distinct personality, strengths, weaknesses, and skills that are simple to learn but difficult to truly master.

Join the adventure in Citizen Conflict, set in a dynamic universe where the storyline is constantly unfolding, maps are changing, and new legends are entering the fray. Leave your mark on Ether Islands and become part of the epic tale!

There are three main syndicates to choose from:


Korpo feels right at home in the Highstreet of Ether Islands, where they live with a sense of pride and strive to move up the corporate ranks. They wield immense power through their unlimited financial potential and mastery of information manipulation. Welcome to the New World Order, where the mantra is Work, Obey, Repeat.


Hackhunters are notorious mercenaries on the island and they work for the highest bidders.


Finally, the Midnight crews are street kings and queens belonging to the lower class. There is no loyalty in them and they work to secure their interest.

Citizen Conflict Districts

There are 10 districts in total starting right from the most desolate of Outerland to the epitome of wealth and power where the movers and shakers reside. You will start your journey from this scorching southern hell of Outerlands, where life sucks and everybody hates everybody.

If you escape the Outerland hell, then comes another shithole where tons of garbage and a bunch of prisoners will await. Vaporwaves is a bit more developed than Outerland but life here is no less than a sewer rat. Then we have South Moon, once a lively place filled with happiness, giggles, and playfulness is now a sad theme park. The next district is Whaleland where the blue-collar population engages in a constant struggle to move up the ranks. This ramshackle town has its own levels where the lowest level is where life is most miserable.  

The Mid-tier Districts

Next is the New Vegas district where the fun finally begins, you will find plenty of brothels, strip clubs, and casinos. Here, the underground scene is lively where illegal fights take place involving a lot of betting. The game also offers a stunning picturesque Nyan Garden district populated by the Asian community. The place has a lot of high-tech freaks and features psychedelic art, neon lights, skyscrapers, and holographic commercials. 

Citizen Conflict: Dystopian Sci-Fi Team Shooter with Blockchain Rewards

The Elite Districts

The Shills district is where you will begin to live your dream life. This district is well planned with everything in order like in the normal world. Then we have the metropolitan city district, the capital downtown, and a truly technological utopia of futuristic luxury. This district hosts plenty of narcissistic, greedy, and mad wealthy elite. However, the true wealthy elite lives in the Metahills district. This district has an enchanting beauty to it with a top lifestyle facility. Finally, we have Arcadya district, this is heaven, the pinnacle of Ether Island. It hosts the one who controls everything and set the tone of the island. 

Citizen Conflict: Dystopian Sci-Fi Team Shooter with Blockchain Rewards

This is it for today, we will bring back some more on this game soon. You can check out more news and updates on blockchain games here.

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