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PS5 Review it is!

Brace yourselves for the new Playstation as we are taking you to a review of the next-gen gaming console. Let’s hop straight into it, shall we?

With the tremendous success of PS4, Sony could have gone for a console with added horsepower instead Sony took a leap of faith and with some extraordinary decisions that truly established PS5 as a brand new next-gen console. The amazing design of PS5 looks less like a gaming console and more like a sci-fi tower or more like a futuristic mega-tech headquarters. This awesome machine looks fantastic and downright intimidating.

New PS5 Games Scheduled - Inside Gaming News 24/7

PS5 Review – New PS5 Games Scheduled – Inside Gaming News 24/7

The best thing about PS5 is its Dual-sense controller, navigation in PS5 feels more fluid and smooth when compared to PS4, and doing so with a brand new controller is no less than a delight. The triggers and shoulder buttons are smoother and thicker compared to its predecessor.

The haptic feedback of Dual-Sense is excellent while playing Astro’s Playroom you can have different experiences over various surfaces where Astro’s little robot feet walk i.e. on an icy surface, metal floors, and sandy beaches. This tangible sensation by DualSense also greatly enhances enjoyment while playing Spider-Man. Playstation is killing it!

PS5 Review: The Next Generation Gaming is Lit

PS5 Review: The Next Generation Gaming is Lit

PS5 Review

As for the graphics, there is no compromise this time around. In earlier consoles, players were asked to sacrifice either visuals or performance but not this time. PS5 is a lot powerful, you can play games in 4K, 30fps with ray tracing enabled, and 60fps with ray tracing disabled. And if you don’t have any idea about ray tracing, it is a rendering technique that gives games an extra layer of visual realism, the new Spider-Man uses it and it looks awesome.

The visual fidelity with ray tracing enabled it is a true visual treat. And if PS5’s 8-core Ryzen Zen 2 processor, 10.3 teraflops-equipped GPU, and 16 GB of GDDR6 RAM aren’t enough, they hook it up with a massive storage capacity of 825GB and read speed of 5.5GB/s. This is some serious fast storage that outmatches most NVMe SSDs in the market.

With its strong accessibility options, fast load times, and good backward compatibility, Playstation 5 is an excellent console that has laid down a strong foundation of next-gen gaming.



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Video Gaming News: PS5 Review: The Next Generation Gaming is Lit

Video Gaming News: PS5 Review: The Next Generation Gaming is Lit

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