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Microsoft’s new next-gen gaming console Xbox Series X are all set to hit the market shelves soon.

But are you willing to transition from Xbox One to Xbox Series X?

This blog will help you answer your question; let’s find out what Microsoft’s next-gen console offers.

There are some flagship features in Xbox Series X like a quick resume, fast load times, and some notable hardware-driven performance upgrades and it can be safely said that this console is a powerful machine that flexes muscles in many ways. Xbox Series X makes a huge technical leap with RDNA 2GPU and Zen 2 CPU, and its power is rated at 12.05 Teraflops.

Imagine with these impressive specs, unlocking some untapped potential of previous games with the help of Xbox Series X backward compatibility will be awesome. Games will hit the higher frame rates quite easily and consistently on this machine, games will maintain the highest resolutions with ease.

But people will surely be blown away by the super-fast loading of Xbox Series X. The loading speed is so much faster than Xbox One X would take four to five minutes longer to load the same games and scenarios. The games like Yakuza: Like a Dragon load into its open-world in just six seconds. Huge open world games will load in a time that will surely prevent you from reaching your phone.

Are you willing to transition from Xbox One to Xbox Series X?

Are you willing to transition from Xbox One to Xbox Series X?

As for the internal storage, the 802GB of free space on the 1TB drive will fill up quickly given the size of modern-day games. But there’s nothing to worry about as you have plenty of options for storage expansion, the 1TB Seagate expansion card is the best option available as it performs identically to the internal drive.

And lastly, the Quick Resume feature is one of the highlights of Xbox Series X, you can have five to six games in a suspended and running state at a time. You can also jump between those games without having to restart. Just hit the home button and switch between games.

Xbox Series X is a fantastic machine and it surely has a ton of potential that is yet to be unlocked. We are waiting for the Xbox exclusive games to test this beast of a machine. We will keep you updated.


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