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Hitman 3 Review and Overview

Hitman is a popular video game franchise developed by IO interactive. The Hitman franchise is available for Linux, windows, and gaming consoles like PlayStation, Xbox series, and Google’s stadia. Hitman franchise undoubtedly is the most famous franchise among the launches of 2021. Everybody enjoyed the comeback of the hitman series in 2016.

Hitman 3 better then Hitman 2?

Hitman 3 better then Hitman 2?


The first game of the Hitman (HM) franchise launched in 2000 named Hitman: codename 47. Hitman 3 technically is the 8th in the series. The original series of HM has five games;  HM: codename 47, HM: silent assassin, HM contracts, HM blood money, and HM absolution.

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IO interactive continues to develop new HM games. Hitman is available in windows, PS5, Xbox One. HM 2 was launched in 2018. HM 3 launched in 2021.

The HM series received very positive reviews for its stealth gameplay. HM franchise has shipped around 15 million copies worldwide as of 2015.

Is Hitman 3 better than 2

If you are familiar with HM 2 then you feel HM 3 is a similar package to 5 sprawling missions in five locations. A hardcore gamer can easily complete this game in 7 hours.

HM 3 arrives on gaming consoles and windows. IGN gives a 9/10 rating shows that people really enjoy HM 3.

The developer of Hitman reveals that hitman 3 sales are 300% more than hitman 2. Currently, IO is working on their project “007’, a James Bond game.

Graphics and gameplay

The graphics of HM 3 are better than its previous version. The look of agent 47 himself is now with high-resolution textures. But they removed some details of his face, some people don’t like this particular change. They added new details, like his tie is now wider. All and all the graphics are now amazing in HM 3.

The gameplay is almost similar for both games but you see some new locations and missions in HM 3. If you played previous versions you don’t see many differences.

Environment and lighting

Graphics of HM 3 improved compared to its previous versions. You see some new environments to explore in hitman 3. The best thing about this game is that IO allows the Hitman and HM 2 level to play with the HM 3.

You will be surprised how they focused on tiny objects like the newspaper that actually contains news/information and the skyscraper of Miami where you see some textures that didn’t load properly. The lighting design is perfect in the game, which is the same for the shadows.


The effects are nearly similar in both games. Fire effects have been improved but overall the effects are similar in both games. Beautiful water fountains and rolling waves are just amazing. In the new levels, the effects are splendid, for example the Dubai walkway is amazing.

Gameplay comparison

In gameplay comparison, let’s start with the intro, cinematic intro sequences gives a better understanding of the storyline. For the Dubai’s mission, it starts with the edge of the building and you need to climb carefully the building exterior which makes this intro looking great.

The gameplay has improved when compared with previous versions. HM 3 does have fewer levels than the previous versions but improved. You will see few changes in gameplay like new missions and locations but all and all gameplay is very similar to HM 2.

Reasons to play hitman 3

HM 3 is one of the best stealth games. It launched in 2016 and is one of the popular games of 2021. This is the reason why you should try out this game.

It’s a puzzle-stealth game

There is something unique about the HM series. They are not typically stealth games, they are more like puzzle in disguise games. You will love to solve puzzles and in each stage there are new challenges.

You have to solve missions, find clues, setting traps and take out enemies. For those who love solving puzzles, stealth, open game HM 3 is the best choice for you.

Storyline and missions

HM 3 has improvements to its storyline after facing criticism in the first two instalments. You will learn more about the history of agent 47 so that storyline will impress you.

The main highlight of the HM series are its missions. All missions are crafted carefully and designed to give you endless opportunities to explore.

If you are a casual gamer you will be able to follow stories and hints. The best thing is in the last mission of HM 3, the graphics give you the feel of an adventure game. You can design your own path of missions after completing the game.

You don’t need to play other games in the series

A lot of games are based on the continued stories. But in HM 3 you don’t need to play other games in this series. You have a catch-up story in a short video recap of the game.

Replay values

There are only five missions in HM 3. Each mission is chocked full of items, characters and locations. The replay value of HM 3 is very impressive, there are many ways to complete missions.

If you are not happy with your first play through you can go back and take a new approach to complete that mission.

To Conclude

If you love HM 2 definitely love HM 3, because Hitman 3 is very similar to Hitman 2 . all though you see some changes like new locations and missions makes hitman 3 a perfect game. All levels designed perfectly you won’t feel bored while playing the hitman series.

But some downside of HM 3 compared to HM 2 is the length of the game. You can complete these games in around 7 hours and lots of people don’t like the details of agent 47’s face.

But HM 3 is an excellent game, all the locations and missions will keep you entertained the whole time. If you start with Hitman 3, I suggest playing HM 1 and 2 missions first.

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