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Nakamoto Games makes a deal with Reef chain and Dogechain to launch its NFT avatars, called Aquatans, so that players can join Nakaverse.

Nakamoto Games, a premier Web3 Gaming Ecosystem, has announced the launch of its multichain NFT avatars in partnership with Reef chain. Nakamoto Games wants to become an all-in-one GameFi platform with more than 170 blockchain games and a community of gamers from all over the world.

The Nakamoto Games team has been working diligently over the past few weeks to design unique NFT avatars for players on partner chains to join the NAKAVERSE. The Aquatans, which are avatar NFTs from the Reef chain, will be the first group of multichain NFTs that players will be able to mint. The collection has 10,000 Reef avatars, each with its own set of physical characteristics and signs of how rare it is.

Reef chain and Dogechain join forces with Nakamoto Games

A Nakamoto Games representative said, “We’re excited to work with Reef chain and Dogechain as part of our efforts to make the Nakamoto Games Ecosystem Multichain.” “This partnership will help us reach more players and give them a smooth gaming experience across multiple blockchains.”

Nakamoto Games is known for being a leader in the gaming industry when it comes to new ideas, and this announcement is no different. The company’s dedication to giving its players the latest technology and features is clear in the way it keeps adding to and improving the Nakamoto Games Ecosystem.

Nakamoto Games NFT Avatars Aquatans

With the release of multichain NFT avatars, Nakamoto Games is positioning itself as a leader in the NFT gaming space. The company’s partnership with Reef chain and Dogechain is an effort to make the NAKAVERSE available to a wider audience and offer a truly decentralized gaming experience.

The release of Aquatans is only the start. Nakamoto Games is still working to improve its multichain features and add new and interesting ones for its players. NFT gaming has a bright future, and Nakamoto Games is leading the way.

Nakamoto Games has announced that Aquatans, its long-awaited collection of NFT avatars with multiple chains, is now available. There are 10,000 Reef avatars in the collection, and the 50 most rare ones are called Ancient Aquatans.

The Ancient Aquatans possess exceptional qualities that make them highly sought after by collectors. The rarity of these avatars adds a lottery-like effect to the collection, with only 50 lucky people able to access them.

Ancient Aquatans are the most rare Avatars in the set

Within the $NAKA and $REEF Ecosystem, the Aquatans collection will have many uses. Business ideas in the NAKAVERSE will only be available to people with Aquatans. In the Aquatans city district, they will also be able to build and run a number of business parts. With the NAKAVERSE Phase II Release, certain privileges will become available, giving Aquatans several ways to make money in the district.

Reef Avatars Minting

The first Reef avatars will be mined on March 16, 2023, at 10 a.m. UTC. The Reef avatars can only be owned by one person at a time, and they can’t be made for money. These NFTs can only be made by people who are part of the Nakamoto Games and $REEF communities and have access codes. The process of minting will be done by Nakamoto Games. On the secondary market, like Nakamoto Games’ marketplace and OpenSea, the avatars could be sold.

For Nakamoto Games, the release of the Aquatans collection is a big deal. It will help it reach its goal of becoming an all-around GameFi platform. The company’s partnership with Reef chain and Dogechain is a strategic move to make the NAKAVERSE available to more people and offer a decentralized gaming experience.

Reef Chain and Nakamoto Games work together to make Multichain NFT Avatars, Aquatan, Nakaverse
Reef Chain and Nakamoto Games work together to make Multichain NFT Avatars

Exclusive Use Cases for Aquatans Holders

The Reef Avatars will be used by people from the Reef Chain in the NAKAVERSE. It will help them interact with other people in the NAKAVERSE, especially when Phase II goes live. The Reef Avatars will have their own strengths, intelligence, agility, vitality, dexterity, attack, and defense. Also, NAKAVERSE Phase II will give players a real Metaverse experience in which they can explore, talk to each other, and live in a virtual world.

The team is working hard to get more blockchain communities to join the $NAKA Ecosystem. The team is also giving the community an incentive to do this. The recent partnership with Reef chain and Dogechain is an effort to make the Nakamoto Games Ecosystem multichain. Also, the team is always adding new features so that GameFi becomes an all-in-one platform.

When the Reef Avatars mint comes out, players will be able to join the NAKAVERSE. They will also learn about its unique ways to make money and social systems. The team is sure that their work will continue to draw players and blockchain communities to join the NAKAVERSE revolution.

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