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Monster Galaxy introduces MOGA DAO for its community to give decision making power to Web3 gaming community, learn more about its working.

Monster Galaxy Play-to-Earn is a fun game about taming and fighting monsters. It was made by combining ideas from Pokémon and Monster Hunter. More than 25 million gamers around the world think that the Ultimate Gaming Franchise is the best.

Monster Galaxy P2E gives Tamers a fun new way to play and earn money at the same time. It does this by combining the fun and adventure of older MOGA games with the creativity of blockchain technology.

Also, the newly created MOGA DAO is here to proudly reshape and change the community for growth that has never been seen before.

The MOGA DAO is a decentralized, self-governing group that wants to bring together groups of people with similar beliefs so they can work together for the good of the galaxy.

The MOGA DAO is a blockchain-based organization that lets its members make decisions and work toward the goals of the organization.

Purpose of MOGA DAO in Monster Galaxy

MOGA DAO’s main goal is to promote research and discovery while pushing the limits of science and technology so that the mysteries of the universe can be solved. The group encourages people to share resources and information so that everyone can reach the same goals. It is an attempt to get them to work together and help each other.

MOGA DAO was made to help the people in the Monster Galaxy Community and give them more say in how decisions are made. The goal of MOGA DAO is to make a place where Tamers can feel at ease and know they are making a big difference in the world.

Monster Galaxy: A Tour of the Town

Imagine being in a thriving community filled with devoted residents who genuinely care about the area in which they reside. Let’s take a deeper look into MOGA DAO so that you are familiar with every area of this fascinating new city.

Town Square

All Tamers assemble here as their main point of entry and gathering. It is arguably the best spot to find out more information and explore Monster Galaxy and MOGA DAO, catch up on the most recent news, receive updates on events and rewards, hear from the developers directly, visit the Academy, and take part in polls.


All earnings from partnerships or other activities will head to the treasury. The DAO users will make use of these tokens fully at their leisure. It is determined by a vote, even though they will be temporarily held by the MOGA team and fully transparent to the community.


Tamers that are passionate about managing will fit in well here. Tamers have access to Headquarters where they can take part in team meetings, post content, assist other members, and engage in community service. Headquarters are basically built up to communicate information through various platforms, talks, and documentation.


At the workshop, MOGA’s brave Explorers can take part in exclusive activities, actively promote Monster Galaxy to new audiences, produce and share content, and get money from their efforts.


By joining the MOGA Community, any player can obtain the title of “Tamer”. Simply sign up for the official MOGA Discord Channel and get verified to take on this responsibility.


People in the Explorer role start and lead groups that call this clubhouse, which is focused on the community, home. The goal is to connect with other people in the MOGA Community and get rewards for doing so. Also, anyone with a GGM can join and participate in whatever group(s) they want.

Now that you know where everything is, let’s take a closer look at the different roles that make up MOGA DAO. Each is perfect for their job in its own way! You just need to show Evidence of Contribution, and you’ll be on your way to figuring out where you fit in.


This position is ideal for Tamers who exhibit outstanding strength and imagination. The most loyal fans of MOGA abroad are explorers, who also significantly contribute by producing material. Engage in Monthly Quests and obtain a score in specific quests to unlock “Explorer.”

Monster Galaxy Introducing MOGA DAO
Monster Galaxy Introducing MOGA DAO

MOGA Ambassador

Ambassadors are the glue that holds the community together. People in this situation can actually help others feel better. They are expected to be involved in member management, share what they know, and show off what they have done.

Everyone in MOGA DAO and the MOGA Community as a whole needs to be committed to both. So, if you want to join the organization, you must show your Proof of Contribution. This can be in the form of GGM tokens or OAT Medals, which are given out for volunteer work and creative expression.

The MOGA DAO gives its members the power to come up with ideas and vote on them, share resources, and keep an eye on projects. This makes it possible for people with different thoughts and ideas to talk to each other, which can spark creativity and new ideas.

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