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In today’s blog, we will discuss an upcoming Web3 project that comes with a unique combination of GamefiNFTsocial immersionmetaverse, entertainment, and business. Moreover, it also offers plenty of space on its metaverse social platform for users to unleash their creative ideas to craft new stuff. Let’s dig into PECland and see what it has in store for us.

Web3 and its subsequent domains like blockchain, gamefi, NFT games, metaverse, and more are steadily gaining momentum in the right direction. In the past couple of years, the plunging defi and crypto market hit a new low. The crypto market still remains in a bear trend with severe crypto winter blowing all around. During such a bearish trend, an opportunity to invest in the structure rather than the application is not a bad option. This is what is evident in the recent investments and flocking of developers from Web2 to Web3 projects.

Recent happenings like Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter, and events like Aptos’ main net launch have instilled a much-needed stimulation to the crypto market. Several NFT manufacturers are making their moves, investors are gearing up and searching for the right projects, and the long-dead silent crypto market is showing signs of recovery. Especially, according to crypto banks A16z and Paradigm, the investments in Gamefi and Web3 have shown signs of considerable improvement. Gamefi though looks and seems risky at this point, but it has the potential to explode in the next bull run.

PECland is a gamefi and NFT project that made it to the scene in the previous month, i.e. October. It combines NFT and gamefi and promises a Web3 game that will surely entertain the players.

PECland Overview

PECland is a new web3 project that offers a platform comprising NFT games, social immersive, business, and creative elements and features.

It offers a game that will let you live in a parallel reality in a metaverse where you will control your life and decisions. The game lets you design and create your own belongings like a house, and clothes, make friends, enter into a relationship, organize social parties, get married, and more. The game offers intriguing design elements that make the game exciting to play. Moreover, Pecland also has access to the ENS domain which allows users to have registered Web3 usernames.

Pecland metaverse blockchain NFT game

The platform will let players conduct social events, parties, virtual concerts, and other social events which you may think of. The developers also plan to give players an island for free to build their homes and live on it.

Pecland Economy

Pecland motivates players and users to create, craft, and come up with creations that have practical benefits. This will let players enjoy the game as well as make quick money. So, how does PECland’s economy works? The answer lies in Pecland’s core pass, PECFriends.

PECLand PECFriends NFTs

PECFriends are cute adorable 3D characters of the game that are also NFTs. There are a total of 9000 PECFriends built on Etherchain. The early holders and owners of PECFriends will have the chance to play the beta version of the game. Moreover, users that hold MVP background NFT will enjoy free airdrops of future NFT series of PECland. The roadmap shows that the project is eyeing a marathon and won’t slow down anytime soon.

Pecland metaverse blockchain NFT game
PECland PECFriend

PECland Characteristics

So, what to expect from the game? First up, PECland takes social immersion to new heights via virtual reality. Players will not only enjoy their real-life experiences, but they will also make their dreams come true by creating whatever they like in parallel reality. Moreover, social gatherings will happen with like-minded people, and new friendships and relations will come into existence in this metaverse. Finally, the players will have the leverage to use UGC tools to achieve Social to Earn. The game will offer a stable revenue stream as well as plenty of fun to the gamers.

The Roadmap

As of now, PECland finished two Mints with its floor price standing at 0.06 ETH. So, what’s next, there’s plenty. PECland will launch its own market trading system for NFTs, top-notch NFT projects, and release NFT collectibles with different themes. The game has a promising team, Aries, a famous name in the game development industry, heads the team and is the founder of the project.

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