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The question is more on the investment side of things which is different from what you should exclusively look for in Web3 games. However, this article is an exception as today we will discuss the potential of Mirandus MMORPG blockchain game’s token Materium and how it may perform in near future. An important note here is that this is not financial advice. This article is just an analysis of the Materium token where we highlight the positives and the negatives. We will analyze where Materium stands at the moment and where it can go if everything happens according to Gala’s plan. Thanks to On Chain Gaming’s data, we will critically analyze what Materium holds for blockchain gamers.

Gala is a big name and a solid player in blockchain gaming development. They are rolling out some of the most promising Web3 games. However, when it comes to tokenomics, Gala games, and their respective tokens are enduring challenges when compared to others. As of now, the crypto industry is still in a bearish trend. However, we have seen a lot of positives in Web3 gaming right from the start of this year.

Top Blockchain Games Alt Coins

Axie Infinity AXS Standing

Just to put the numbers in context for Mirandus’ token, we start with the market cap of ETH. Currently, the market cap of ETH is more than $200 billion, it is massive. Now, moving on from cryptocurrency to top play to earn games, we start with Axie Infinity. Axie Infinity was the most popular and successful play to earn games in the past couple of years. However, it took a nose dive from its top high of $160 to $11 per AXS. However, in the last 30 days, AXS is up more than 80%. Its current market cap is more than $1.3 billion. So AXS stands 200 times smaller than ETH. These numbers are impressive as the game continues to fall to date.

The Sandbox SAND Analysis

The Sandbox is currently a non-playable game, keeping that in mind, let’s check how it is faring up. It’s current market cap is $1.2 billion and when fully diluted it reached over $2 billion market cap.

GALA Standing

GALA is a major player in blockchain gaming with experienced developers on its side. Its current market cap is more than $420 million. The company has more than 50 blockchain games so far with promising gameplays. Despite its portfolio GALA is one-third when compared to Axie Infinity.

Illuvium ILV Token

Illuvium is also rolling out AAA games with a lot of promise attached to them. Their current market cap is more than $153 million.

Mirandus Materium Current Standing and Future

Mirandus is a flagship game of Gala and is a promising MMORPG metaverse game. The blockchain game has a super talented and experienced team of developers working on it. Its team comprises top developers from Fable, Fall Out, World of Warcraft, and more. Its current market cap is approximately $2.5 million despite a solid team, fun gameplay, and super graphics. Materium token is available for sale for 15 cents at the moment. Its past history shows that its price pumps when it releases gameplay testing. And, we have a scheduled gameplay testing in March next month. Moreover, the token is up 93% in the last 30 days. So, the catalyst here is the hype surrounding the playtest.

The Point of Concern for Materium Token

As we have already discussed the potential catalyst for Materium hype and pump. Let’s have a look at the downside, shall we? One of the most important pieces of information missing about Materium so far is its tokenomics. There isn’t any official whitepaper or Litepaper for the Mirandus game. Moreover, there aren’t any confirmed reports about the total supply of MTRM. So, this means that Mirandus developers may manipulate Materium later on. Heck! They can even cancel it altogether as they did with Town Star. Moreover, the Gala is also a regular one when it comes to delaying game launches or even playtests. So, these are some of the points that gamers and investors need to keep in mind.

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