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Among Us

Staggering numbers shared by YouTube; Among Us, videos have reached 4bn views in September 2020. Well, blow me down! I never thought that Inner Sloth’s asymmetrical multiplayer would reach such heights.

The report showed by the largest video platform on the planet shares great insight into the recent success of Among Us. The numbers show that the largest audience of Among Us is in the US but viewers are coming in like an avalanche from all around the world.

If you live under a rock, Among Us is a game that tasks players with preparing a spaceship for takeoff, but there’s a catch, one or more of the players are chosen as imposters by the game on a random basis. The imposters must covertly sabotage the vessel and discreetly kill other players to win.

The game got a recent surge in popularity despite being launched a couple of years ago. Its sudden popularity came just a couple of months ago and in September Among Us reached the mammoth numbers of 4bn views.

The report was published on YouTube’s Culture and Trends site, the report further added that it is not just about the gameplay, rather there is much more to it from content creators like drawing in large audiences with the help of comedy sketches, songs, animations, and DIY projects based on the popular game.

Among Us reaches 4bn Views in September: YouTube

Among Us reaches 4bn Views in September: YouTube

Moreover, this game helped small content creators to reach higher levels and grab more audiences while big influencers like PewDiePie have also been capitalizing on this opportunity.

Talking about the largest audience country-wise, the US accounts for 18.7% of all views. Next in is Mexico with 7.9% followed by South Korea at 6.4%, Brazil and Indonesia at 5.5% each and finally Argentina at 4.9%.

The best thing about Among Us and other popular games this year is that players get to socialize with other players while remaining socially distanced. The social connection in Among Us is strong despite the lockdowns and social distancing. For me, that is one of the most significant reasons for its wide popularity.


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