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Do you enjoy surviving waves of zombies and killing them in large numbers? If so, you’ll love Undead Blocks, a AAA FPS zombie blockchain game that allows you to earn rewards in cryptocurrency as you play. In this multiplayer survival game, you’ll gather weapons and resources, fight against endless zombies, and help your teammates stay alive. You can team up with friends or other online players to take on the undead hordes. Undead Blocks is compatible with Xbox and PlayStation controllers, and was developed and designed by Kevuru Games in collaboration with a highly skilled team. The game’s Beta is currently live and open, and now features multiplayer gameplay. So grab your weapons and bring some friends, as this play-and-earn game invites you and all other survivors to brave the zombies and continue living

Undead Blocks Game Overview

Get ready to fight some zombies and earn some cryptocurrency while you’re at it. This AAA FPS multiplayer zombie game lets you earn plenty of in-game rewards that have real-world value. The zombie genre is already popular among gamers, and this game will bring back memories for many players. But the real attraction is that the game allows players to earn two crypto tokens, UNDEAD and ZBUX, while also building equity in their weapon loadouts. The game also boasts high-quality graphics and sound engineering, making it an even more enjoyable game experience.
Undead Blocks

This game is open to all players, whether you want to brave the zombies alone and aim for a spot in the top 50 solo club, or prefer to play in a squad. The goal is to defeat the zombie hordes and survive in a post-apocalyptic world. When you start the game, you’ll have only a knife and handgun at your disposal. It’s best to aim for a headshot, as it will earn you more XPs. You can use these XPs to purchase weapons in your verified NFT loadout and make them more powerful. You can also buy grenades and other perks, like Macho Dew and Helper, to give you an edge against the zombies.

Characters, Weapons, and Modes

Currently, the game offers four characters to choose from: Mask, Lucas, Eva, and Jasper. Each character has a unique cosmetic appearance. The game also offers several different game modes for you to enjoy. It’s possible that more characters will be added when the game is fully released.

Solo: Either you are super brave, or lonely as hell, either way in this mode you will survive zombie waves on your own.

Squads: Play in a squad, huddle up and watch each other’s back during the wave attack, you can play in 2 or a maximum of 4.

SpeedRun: Kill as fast as you can to finish a set number of waves

Massacre: Kill as much as you love in a set amount of time

NFT Game Modes: Play regular game modes but with high ZBOX drop rates.

Undead Blocks gameplay -blockchain game

How to Earn in Undead Blocks?

Undead Blocks uses a dual token ecosystem for its kill-to-earn game; UNDEAD and ZBUX.

UNDEAD is a cryptocurrency that allows players to buy weapon NFTs and has utility in the game’s governance system. It serves as the primary currency for purchasing weapon loadout NFTs, as well as for staking rewards and NFT prizes.

ZBUX is a rewards currency that is valued at $0.10. You can exchange it for other cryptocurrencies on the Wagyu website. The developers will award Gold ZBUX to Armed Survivors who participate in leaderboard challenges, and it will offer unlimited, multichain withdrawals. You can earn ZBUX by playing any game mode you choose, and it will be credited to your Wagyu account.

Undead Blocks New Metaverse Map

Currently, the game only has one map, called ‘The Neighborhood.’ However, the developers are working on a second map called ‘Wagyu Wonderland,’ which will be a metaverse map featuring an immersive mega shopping mall with beautifully designed storefronts. This will provide an opportunity for metaverse and cryptocurrency-focused companies to obtain licenses for storefronts for ad placements and other purposes. This will create an additional revenue stream for the game through reward liquidity. This idea presents exciting opportunities for cryptocurrency companies to expand into the metaverse.

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