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The worldwide digital games market witnessed astronomical growth in the year 2020 and the trajectory is still going bullish. According to the recent Super Data report about the worldwide digital games market, the first month of 2021 recorded an increase of 15% year-over-year to reach $11.6 billion. Whether it was on PC or mobile, revenue was up across all platforms. Digital games revenue on mobile increased by 6%, PC 31%, and console 24%.

The top 3 grossing titles: digital games market

The top 3 grossing titles worldwide on PC are Dungeon Fighter Online, League of Legends, and Crossfire. While on the console the top three we have are; Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, NBA 2K21, GTA V. And on mobile we have; Free Fire, Pokemon GO, and Peacekeeper elite. Let’s check out some more information about games in January.

Blockchain And Games, Great Insights By Robby Yung, CEO Of Animoca Brands, Who Talks About The Ownership Of Digital Goods In Gaming

Blockchain And Games, Great Insights By Robby Yung, CEO Of Animoca Brands, Who Talks About The Ownership Of Digital Goods In Gaming


Valorant made a comeback in terms of the number of players online and earnings, thanks to the season’s fresh content and a new character launch. New additions lead to earnings going up by 39% while players went up by 29%.

World of Warcraft

Furthermore, we have World of Warcraft where player numbers went down to normal average as the excitement surrounding Shadowlands expansion pack faded away. The revenue decreased by 61% and player numbers went down by 41%.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 is having a great time as its player base reached the highest levels ever in January. Moreover, the user count on the console also skyrocketed and nearly doubled. Last year in December, Rockstar launched the multiplayer mode of the game as a standalone purchase for $4.99 which was increased to $19.99 in February. The PC sale for RDR2 and Red Dead Online totaled 1.8 million which is far ahead of the console version’s 611k. Many console gamers transitioned to PC owing to better graphics and cheaper prices.

Lets see how the digital games market will evolve during 2021!

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