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Another super report published by Super Data, a Nielsen Company: Digital Games Earning Report. 

The research report is about the earning of Digital games worldwide between Black Friday and Cyber Monday; the shopping season to be exact.

The report shows a changing consumer behavior this year as digital games have earned $3.9B worldwide; a decline of 10% year over year. What has caused this change in shopping behavior this year; let’s see what the report has to tell about it.

Consumers spent a lot on PC games this year; an increase of 6% was recorded year over year but when we talk about console game spending, a decline of 13% is seen. One reason for the decline in console game spending is due to the unmet demand for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

However, the console transition this time around is pretty smooth as the game developers have allowed players to purchase a game on older consoles and upgrade to a newer console later. But still, plenty of gamers are reluctant to take that path and prefer to wait rather than playing major game titles on the older console.

Another significant decline in digital game spending this year is caused by the popularity of subscription services like Xbox Game Pass whose subscribers got increased to 216% year over year.

Digital Games Earning Report between Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Digital Games Earning Report between Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Carter Rogers, a Principal Data Analyst says, “Despite the lower numbers on Black Friday through Cyber Monday, spending on digital games is growing significantly this holiday season,” he further added, “Even individuals who might have bought physical games at brick and mortar retailers in a normal year are opting for the convenience and safety of downloading games.”

Digital games are expected to maintain and even grow their momentum through the holiday season especially on Christmas day where many will receive digital consoles as gifts.

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