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NBA 2K21

Unskippable ads are always painful, whether it’s on YouTube or in-game adverts. And for this very reason, NBA 2K21 is under fire after they placed unskippable in-game ads to the full priced NBA 2K21. Paying in full and still getting unskippable ads, that ladies and gentlemen, is unacceptable. Why would you put unskippable ads in a $60 game?!

These unskippable adverts were placed in pre-game loading screens across all platforms. This caused a massive outrage from the players as the players’ experience was impacted negatively and people were getting frustrated. Imagine paying for the game in full and ads are being shoved down your throat forcefully, outrageous ain’t it?

2K has had a bad reputation in terms of the monetization of the NBA franchise. They have pulled similar tricks in the past, a move that was criticized by the fans in the same manner. In August last year, PEGI, a European video-game organization said, “we are very aware of NBA 2K20 is too close to comfort.” It was related to the controversial casino ad and teaching players gambling.

This reminds me of EA’s insertion of in-game adverts into UFC 4, a move that was highly criticized by the fans, and eventually, EA had to reverse the move.

NBA 2K21 skip your Un-skippable Ads, it is an outrage

NBA 2K21 skip your Un-skippable Ads, it is an outrage

2K took to Twitter and addressed the recent backlash by saying, “The ad that sparked caused backlash earlier this week and impacted our players’ experience in a way that we didn’t intend, as these ads are not meant to run as part of the pre-game introduction.” 2K has promised that they will fix the ad problem in the coming episodes of 2KTV.

Ads are important when it comes to the business point of view, lets’ see how 2K responds to unskippable ads in the coming episode. What do you guys think about it?


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