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Angelic by Metaverse Game Studios is the first AAA Web 3.0 game that we hear about in blockchain gaming news today. Angelic is the work of the developers, who previously made Far Cry, League of Legends, and Diablo Immortal. The game is a unique combination of narrative RPG and turn-based strategy combat. The game takes place in a futuristic science fiction world, where a very interesting story is told in a dark and interesting universe. Additionally, the game leverages blockchain technology and introduces an asset ownership feature. The developers also follow the decentralization protocol by working with fans to follow their motto: “Together, we expand the universe.”

Angelic Game Overview

Angelic offers a lot to gamers once they enter the Angelic metaverse. You can play the story mode in the base game, where you will enjoy the narrative building. The game has several other modes, such as a multiplayer mode, colony wars, joining and making alliances, cooperative missions, trading NFTs, staking Angelverse tokens for governance rights, and working with the huge game community to improve the game. Moreover, the game community will also engage in trading NFTs.

Anglic Story: A Dark Science Fiction

The game has a dark science-fiction story taking place in a dystopian post-apocalyptic future. Angelic also has a lot in common with Cyberpunk and Blade Runner, which are both good examples of science fiction that takes place in the future.

After nuclear wars, climate change, natural disasters, and humans’ never-ending desire for more, the Earth is a sad and empty place. Our world’s only hope of getting back on track lies in engineers, scientists, managers, and entertainers. However, humans have become obsolete, and they can’t fill in the roles.

Angelic Game Overview: A True AAA Blockchain Game by Metaverse Game Studios
Angelic Game Overview: A True AAA Blockchain Game by Metaverse Game Studios

It all happened after the end of the second dark age, when the nation-state system collapsed. Consequently, power and everything else went into the hands of multinational corporations. Their control has completely changed the dynamics of the world, where there are no citizens anymore. Either you are born as an employee of the corporation or left alone to survive. So, either abide by the rules like a slave or live a life of dignity and honor and die like a true rebel.

Neo Humans and Storyline Continues

The depleting human population wasn’t enough to take up important roles in society. In 2057, Angelicon started its controversial project, which brought neo-humans to Earth and made a change that could not be undone. Neo-humans are better than humans because they can adapt to space and have a wide range of skills. So, it was getting harder for humans to live on a planet that had been destroyed by things like overpopulation, lack of resources, nuclear fallout, radioactive contamination, the climate crisis, unemployment, scavengers, ghouls, and cannibals. The only hope is to escape and colonize space.

The Ronins, or unemployed people, were the first to take the risk of space colonization. They were called the brave ones or the hopeful ones. Early on, the expansion of colonization was going well, but then the colonists found something horrible.

The infestation wreaks havoc on the colonizers, wiping them off. In later years, the infestation reached safe hives and outer colonies as well. Phoenix, Aurora, and Xander, tired of everything, decided to leave the hive. However, they met with the Archangel Daeva. Here, the story actually begins, and you will live through it in the game.

Angelic Game Overview: A True AAA Blockchain Game by Metaverse Game Studios
Angelic mint

Angelic Offers More

The game is absolutely free to play, and you can play and earn. It uses Unreal Engine 5 for its photorealistic imagery and shots in the game. You can take part in combat to ‘earn in-game digital assets‘ by winning against your opponents. Moreover, you can also collect NFTs using blockchain technology powered by Ethereum. The Ethereum scaling protocol lets members of the Angelic gaming community send and receive large amounts of money quickly. 

Metaverse Game Studios is backed by Animoca Brands, Pantera, and Everyrealm, which are all big names in the blockchain gaming industry.

Angelic is hosted off-chain and is chain-agnostic. The game also has the ability to connect and integrate with other blockchains thanks to its custom-built back end. If you are interested in the game, head to Angelic’s website and pre-register for the Alpha release scheduled for next month, i.e., January 2023.

DAO in Angelic

The DAO mechanism is also in place in Angelic, which goes by the name “The Council of Angels.” There are different titles in the council given to players with unique attributes. These councils will help developers in several areas, like DeFi pool regulations, treasury management, guild battles, game balancing, community regulations, game features, and main heroes.

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