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Splinterlands Game

Splinterlands is an ever-expanding, fast-paced, metaverse trading card game. It allows players to trade anytime they want, battle opponents, and make real money with every win. Every player owns an NFT digital card that is used whilst battling opponents in a unique metaverse. In a world driven by blood and power, fight for the right to control and survive using primal energies and various manas.

The entry barrier is quite low for new players as $10 suffices for a spellbook. The game uses Splinterland’s native token SPS and runs on Hive blockchain technology. Besides SPS, Splinterlands also has an added token DEC (Dark Energy Crystals) that runs as an in-game currency to buy in-game assets. One of the best features of the game is its fast-paced battles which consume little time, unlike other games. Moreover, the game is under constant development and expansion. As of now, developers have released 500 cards and more than 64 abilities associated with them.

The game has a level playing field for amateurs and noobs as they too can earn new cards and tokens by completing quests, playing ranked matches, or jumping right into a tournament. As for the conversion, digital cards are traded on a secondary market and then converted into cryptocurrency, and voila!. The game got launched in 2018 by Matthew Rosen and Jesse Reich with initial funding of $3.6 million.

Check out Splinterlands official trailer