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Introducing “Legends of Elumia“, a cutting-edge massively multiplayer online role-playing game that combines blockchain technology to provide players with the ability to both play and earn while also having full ownership of their in-game assets. This game stands out from the rest in the MMO genre by offering players a level of control and ownership over their characters’ gear and other items that is not typically found in other games. Instead of remaining on servers controlled by developers, players in Legends of Elumia are given complete ownership of all their in-game possessions.

Featuring visually stunning graphics, intuitive gameplay, and an immersive experience, “Legends of Elumia” is built to provide players with a fun and entertaining experience. Players can expect to engage in challenging multiplayer battles and explore intricate dungeons. Developed by a team of experienced video gaming industry veterans, the game is a result of their superior talent and passion for creating exceptional gaming experiences.

Following the successful release of the Heros of Elumia Collection NFTs, the developers have recently launched the game’s beta version and inviting players to join and be a part of the game’s early development and progress. Experience the future of gaming and join the action in “Legends of Elumia.”

If you wish to join the beta testing of Legends of Elumia, obtaining a hero NFT is a necessary step to do so

Legends of Elumia Beta Game Review

Legends of Elumia, also known as LoE, is an MMORPG that incorporates Web3 technology, allowing players to fully own and control all of their in-game assets, from characters to gear and equipment. These assets are securely stored on the blockchain, giving players true ownership and power in the game. The game world is set in an ancient, medieval-inspired fantasy setting, complete with dragons, mystical portals and a powerful tower, as well as malevolent forces that players must work together to defeat in order to bring peace to the city. The game’s characters are diverse and based on different races, each with unique and striking appearances that will pull you into the game world.

Legends of Elumia Beta

In addition to its unique ownership features, Legends of Elumia boasts stunning high-quality graphics and breathtaking artwork for its in-game characters. The beta version of the game also offers players smooth gameplay and an action-packed hack-n-slash experience with top-notch graphics.

Furthermore, the game’s camera angles and movement add to the excitement and immersiveness of the experience. The sound design is also noteworthy, with realistic and well-crafted audio for characters and environments. Overall, the beta test of Legends of Elumia is highly promising, making the game highly anticipated. Players can gain access to all the features of the game’s beta version by obtaining a Hero NFT, also known as a Genesis Character NFT.

The Legends of Elumia Storyline

Legends of Elumia is a MMORPG that can be played on both mobile and PC devices, featuring the innovative concept of play and own in an open-world blockchain game. It offers a variety of gameplay options, such as PvE, PvP, and the bustling city of Elumia where players can socialize and make friends. The game is set in the vibrant city of Elumia, which developed around an ancient and mysterious structure known as The Infinite Tower. This pre-historic tower has existed since before recorded human history, and the city thrives on the energy it radiates. The tower’s portal is enigmatic as those who enter it may not return, and the accounts of those who do return are vastly different.

Steps to Play the Beta

In order to play Legends of Elumia, players must first obtain at least one Legends of Elumia Genesis Character NFT and store it in their digital wallet. If you don’t already own one, you can acquire one on the OpenSea Marketplace.

Next, ensure that your digital wallet supports the Solana network and is installed on your desktop. The game is compatible with all popular household browsers. It is important to note that each wallet can only support one account. Once you have obtained an LoE NFT and connected your wallet to the Solana network, the game launcher will be ready for download.

What You Can Test in the Beta and What You Can’t

During the beta testing phase, players will have the opportunity to test various aspect of the game such as:

  • PvP battle skills and combat gameplay
  • Character skills and enemy combat mechanics
  • Exploring the bustling city of Elumia
  • Solo dungeon exploration
  • Server and game stability
  • Group combat mechanics and attack
  • Trading items, gaining XP and exchanging DUST and TEST-Shard tokens

It’s important to note that during the beta testing phase, some features may not be accessible, such as:

  • Chat channels
  • Guild system
  • Adding friends in the lobby
  • Minting NFTs
Legends of Elumia, NFT, blockchain game, MMO,
Legends of Elumia

The LoE Tokens

The game utilizes two types of tokens, which include: $ELU and $EKS.

$ELU, also known as Elumia Crowns, serves as a governance and staking token in the game. It gives players a say in the governance and decision-making process, as well as the ability to upgrade their in-game powers and participate in other game-related activities through staking

$EKS, or Elumia Krystals, serves as a medium of exchange within the game. Players can earn this token by participating in various in-game activities.

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