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Epic Games Gets Hold of Facebook Metaverse Expert to develop Epic’s Metaverse.

Epic Games has gotten its hands on one of the significant resources of Facebook for its metaverse plans. The move came up coincidently around the same time when Facebook changed its company name to Meta. Zuckerberg renamed it to focus, create, and develop tools on the concept of the metaverse.

Metaverse Expert Matthew Henick

The person Epic Games managed to bring on the team is Facebook’s lead executive Matthew Henick, former VP of content. Epic Games pulled this move to propel its work on the metaverse.

Metaverse is now focused on by several big names of the tech industry including gaming giants. The concept stemmed from Neal Stephenson’s science fiction novel which refers to virtual worlds. People interact in these virtual worlds via online avatars, something that Epic Games has somehow shown in one of its popular games Fortnite.

However, massive investments are pouring in and big tech giants are working on realizing the concept of the metaverse and its virtual ecosystem.

Epic Games’ decision to bring in Henick is a brilliant idea and carries weight. Henick is the person behind Facebook’s reality TV show known as Rival Peak. The show involved several virtual characters that compete against each other in a survival show. However, the characters in the show weren’t real and were controlled by AI.

Moreover, Facebook users interacted with the characters and gave advice and suggestions which were picked by AI. The characters then made choices based on Facebook user feedback. Hennick’s inclusion in Epic’s metaverse project will give it an immense boost.

Previously, Epic conducted virtual events like concerts in Fortnite which shows huge potential in Epic’s metaverse project. The game Fortnite is now much more than just a game where players compete.

It has transitioned from a game to a virtual verse where people can socialize and engage in several other activities. Epic means business when it comes to the metaverse.

Epic’s CEO Tim Sweeney said in its lawsuit against Apple, “The long-term evolution of Fortnite will be opening up Fortnite as a platform for creators to distribute their work to users. With Apple taking 30% off of the top, it makes it very hard for Epic and creators to exist in this future world,”

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