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A New Shift is Evident from Play to Earn to Play and Earn.

NFT and blockchain gaming is the newest and biggest trends inside the gaming industry for the past couple of years. It has taken the industry by storm and gamers and developers alike have flocked from traditional gaming to play to earn (P2E) games in massive numbers.

Despite the gold rush, there are some things that very few are talking about when it comes to P2E games; the loopholes and problems it has.

These negatives that are attached to the current model of P2E have kicked off a much-needed shift from P2E to Play and Earn (PEA)

There is no denying the fact that crypto, NFTs, and blockchain are the future of gaming. Gamers will eventually want to earn real money out of playing games that they love.

However, the recent P2E gold rush ignored the basic essence of gaming i.e. its intrinsic value, the value of entertainment in games. P2E developers and publishers have so far focused on only one element when developing a game i.e. finance.

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All other elements of gameplay, desirability, and fun have been shoved underneath the carpet. This has resulted in popular games, like Axie Infinity, losing their daily active user database over time.

If we analyze the non-NFT games, the recipe for the success of AAA games lies in graphics, compelling stories, and exciting gameplay. This is where P2E games are miserably lacking and making games that are tedious, grinding with a job-like compulsion to play.

Ignoring the fundamental elements of a great game will eventually lead to disaster for blockchain gaming. This is where many new developers are starting to focus, even already active games like Axie Infinity are also making necessary changes in terms of graphics and more.

The NFT gaming space is realizing the fact that if these changes aren’t applied soon, the gaming world will lose confidence in it.

This brings us to the concept of Play and Earn. The PEA games has all the necessary elements of a AAA game; graphics, story, gameplay, ease of entry, and more.

It Is Play AND Earn, NOT Play To Earn

It Is Play AND Earn, NOT P2E

However, that is not it, Play-and-Earn games will also introduce new technologies like blockchain and NFT’s into the games. In this way, gamers will not only have a game to earn money but also a game that they can enjoy playing along the way.

An upcoming project which can set the tone for PEA games is Project Hive.

It showcases a perfect example of how a blissful wedding can take place between the two pillars; a great gaming experience and blockchain technology.