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In this article, we’ll explain what NFTs are, how to earn them, the benefits of using them, and more! NFTs are digital collectibles that can be used to unlock rewards inside games or apps. They’re similar to virtual currency, but they have their own unique benefits. So, let’s dig a bit deeper into NFTs and try to understand them with a simple explanation.

What are NFTs?

NFTs is an abbreviation for “non-fungible tokens.” Here, the word “fungible” holds the key. Fungible means replaceable, so nonfungible means non-replaceable. So anything that is not replaceable in digital form is an NFT. Let’s understand what the concept behind replaceable and non-replaceable items is in the real world.

Let’s say that in the real world, we have different commodities that we use and borrow from one another. If someone lends you a dollar, you do not necessarily return the same dollar note. You can return a dollar in any form with any serial number behind it. The same goes with something like gold, wheat, or any other commodity that is replaceable with another of its kind.

On the contrary, we have non-replaceable assets as well, like the painting of the Mona Lisa. Take, for example, if the owner of the Mona Lisa art painting lends someone the real painting for the time being. He or she will not settle for any other Mona Lisa painting in return because it is unique and irreplaceable.

So, NFTs are digital art forms that are supported and powered by blockchain ledgers and traded in cryptocurrencies. The token part of NFTs is where the digital art form becomes a token via a contract on the blockchain. So, no two NFTs will ever be identical; each NFT has its own unique ID ingrained in the blockchain, which is verifiable. Upon buying an NFT, the purchaser or owner receives a code that allows the change of ownership as well as validation and verification.

What Are NFT Rewards? How to Earn Them, the Benefits of Using Them, and More!
What Are NFT Rewards? How to Earn Them, the Benefits of Using Them, and More!

Some Examples of NFTs

Let’s have a look at some examples of NFTs that took the internet by storm.

Twitter is a world-renowned social media platform. Have you ever wondered who sent the first tweet in history? And what was it? Jack Dorsey was the co-founder of Twitter, and his tweet is the first ever. Jack Dorsey sold the ownership rights to this tweet for almost $3 million. The first-ever tweet was turned into an NFT, and the ownership details and rights are available on the blockchain ledger.

Similarly, we have other examples of valuable NFTs like Nyan Cat, a JPEG, and many other in-game digital assets. These NFTs sold for a lot of money.

How do you earn NFTs?

NFTs are available in many forms nowadays. You can buy them directly from NFT marketplaces like OpenSea and several others. Moreover, they come in many shapes and forms, like in-game items in the shape of costumes, cosmetics, avatars, weapons, skins, etc. NFTs also come in digital certificates, music, video moments, etc.

You can also create your own NFT art and have it registered as yours on the blockchain. You can then sell your NFT on marketplaces, plus the royalty stays with you.

As for earning NFT rewards, several hundreds of NFT blockchain games are available in the market to play. You can earn NFT by completing quests, winning battles and tournaments, opening mystery boxes, getting early access passes, and more. You can also stake NFTs in games that allow staking. Some of the platforms that allow NFT staking are Splinterlands, Only1, and NFTX. Moreover, there are some games that allow yield farming, where you can harvest and win NFTs or tokens.

What Are NFT Rewards? How to Earn Them, the Benefits of Using Them, and More!
What Are NFT Rewards? How to Earn Them, the Benefits of Using Them, and More!

Why Should I care About NFTs?

NFTs are a fun way to earn digital assets that have real value attached to them. The Web3 domain is still in its infancy and will mature with every passing year. So, getting into NFTs early on isn’t a bad idea. Furthermore, many traditional gaming companies are entering Web-based NFT blockchain gaming with a play-and-earn business model. This model will allow gamers to own their in-game NFTs and later sell them in an open marketplace.

Additionally, NFTs bring added benefits like proof of ownership, authenticity on the blockchain, economic benefits, vertical growth mobility, and bragging rights.

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