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Staying ahead in the NFT investing game is achievable through the use of NFT evaluation and rarity platforms. NFT evaluation and rarity platforms serve as the shovels to uncover the valuable NFTs, or the ‘gold nuggets’. These tools can assist you in discovering NFT rarity, exploring new NFT projects, monitoring whale wallets, making informed investment choices, and ultimately, becoming a critical component in your due diligence process.

As with any other trend in the crypto world, access to accurate information is crucial for investment success. Whether you are a newcomer or an experienced NFT collector, it’s important to have analytical tools at your disposal to assess the rarity and supply of assets. After all, who wouldn’t want to be in the right place at the right time to discover the next Bored Ape NFT?

Fortunately, several platforms have created tools to assist you in your endeavors. Some of these tools are available for free, while others offer enhanced features for subscribers. To help guide you, let’s take a look at some of the top NFT analytical tools on the market.

Our personal favorites are DappRadar, Etherscan, and Omnimint.


OmniMint is a go-to platform for keeping tabs on upcoming NFT releases. Its user-friendly interface provides an instant overview of a project’s social media presence, practical use, creators, and development plan. This comprehensive approach allows you to determine quickly if a project is a worthwhile investment opportunity.

In addition, you can access comprehensive insights into existing projects, including the minimum value, daily sales volume, holder demographics, and rarity rankings. You can also stay up-to-date on the latest NFT market news and trends. With this all-in-one tool, investors can track and target NFTs with greater precision.

The platform is available for free and accessible to all users, and with its upcoming enhancements, you’ll have access to even more in-depth and precise information on every NFT project in the market.


Dappradar is a comprehensive analytical tool that is well-suited for both novice and seasoned NFT investors. The platform provides a ranked list of all existing decentralized applications (dapps) that is freely accessible, with a neatly organized display showcasing important categories such as Hot Topics, NFTs, DeFi, Exchanges, Games, and more.

With Dappradar, you can easily analyze, follow, and uncover new NFT projects and keep track of your assets using the Portfolio Tracker. The platform uses a set of criteria to evaluate projects based on factors such as liquidity, market capitalization, and pricing. The NFT Top Sales, Top Collections, Marketplaces, and New Projects sections provide you with up-to-date information on real-time trading volume and price movements in the market.

In addition to serving as an analytical tool, Dappradar also functions as a learning platform. It provides informative resources on fundamental crypto topics through its blog which features informative articles and the latest crypto news.


Rarity.Tools is another platform that aggregates real-time data of all NFT art and collectibles. It is widely used by art collectors and creators, particularly in the generative art space.

Additionally, Rarity.Tools curates and ranks NFT art based on its rarity and gives priority to new projects. The platform has a visually appealing design, featuring an art market-inspired aesthetic. It sets it apart from other tools that have a more chart- and list-based structure. The landing page has a pleasing look and feel.

On the free version of Rarity.Tools, the NFT collection list is sorted by unique characteristics, market volume, and sale prices. You can click on any NFT to access more data and price charts. One unique feature of the platform is that new projects are listable with just a few simple steps.

Rarity.Tools is an excellent tool for tracking upcoming NFT projects and allows users to stay ahead of the curve by identifying NFT collections prior to their public sale or minting.


Etherscan is a powerful blockchain explorer that provides a window into the Ethereum blockchain. It also serves as a token tracker for Ethereum-based tokens. It offers access to all ERC-721 token contracts, as the ERC-721 standard is widely used to create NFTs on Ethereum. With over 21,669 ERC-721 compliant tokens currently recorded, the addition of the NFT toolset on Etherscan provides users with a comprehensive set of features for tracking the history of NFTs, searching for NFT minting, distribution, transfers, and prices, among other things.

This tool will help in providing analytics for other tools as well on Etherscan APIs. These analytics will provide a deeper understanding.

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