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League of Legends mini version and rather a spinoff is called Wild Rift (WR).

One of the most popular and best games in the world has made its way to mobile and is now more accessible. League of Legends is played by millions around the world on PC and it is highly competitive and dense with complex and intricate rules. It is one of those games that take months to understand and years to master.

League Of Legends Mobile Game Is called Wild Rift

League Of Legends Mobile Game Is called Wild Rift

League of Legends Mobile Game is a mini version

However, now with the League of Legends mini version and rather a spinoff; Wild Rift, new players don’t need to feel intimidated by the PC version. Wild Rift has taken the core of the League of Legends and made it more friendly and approachable for newbies. So if you are a new fan of LoL and want to give it a try, you better start from WR.

Wild Rift – Mobile Game

The first thing which League fans must understand is that WR is not a direct port of League of Legends. Rather it is a new game specifically designed for mobile. WR includes some key differences. However, the core is still identical: 5v5 and destroys the enemy base. Moreover, there are three lanes with a jungle full of creatures and you also get to choose between heroes with special and unique attributes.

The difference comes in the size of the map which is much smaller in WR. The match lasts about 20 minutes in Wild Rift rather than 45+ minutes on the PC version of League of Legends. Moreover, there are plenty of on-screen buttons for navigation, movement, attacks, etc. On-screen becomes a bit too congested but if you are playing on a tablet, you’ll get a lot of space to breathe. Nevertheless, the controls work pretty smoothly and you also get a detailed tutorial to understand the basics.

The mobile version of the League makes a lot of sense though it got a bit late to the party when compared to other AAA games.

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