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Microsoft Flight Simulator

Fly High and Touch the Sky! Most likely it’s been a while since we all have been on a plane, thanks to the pandemic and global lockdowns.

For me, this has been the longest break without air travel, I miss the calm and serenity of traveling at high-speeds and looking down at the microscopic street lights and cars driving along a freeway.

But to tell you the truth, my air travel and flying yearnings are being answered by the magic of Microsoft Flight Simulator, a mesmerizing and awe-inspiring simulation game that gives an absolute real-life flying experience and I kid you not, it will blow your mind.

Something is alluring about Microsoft Flight Simulator which goes beyond what your usual open-world games offer. Perhaps its that sense of exploration or it is the thrill of flying thousands of miles while ensuring a safe flight. Or it’s the mind-blowing technology that is used to render the entire world.

It is a simulation game with everything from fine-tuning your aircraft takeoff to making adjustments inflight during sudden turbulence. This game provides newcomers with a comprehensive tutorial that covers everything; controlling a throttle, taking off, landing, navigation, etc.

The developer Asobo Studio and Microsoft have used cutting edge technology to add in-depth details and spectacular visuals. They have used satellite imagery and machine learning in very much creating the entire Earth. But this visual treat comes at a cost, it is merciless on your GPU as well as CPU. Moreover, this game devours your data, a 100GB of data to be precise.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is up for you to grab in $60 on Steam or the Microsoft Store. It is also available on the Xbox Game Pass for PC for just $5/month. This game has everything to be a blockbuster hit and become one of the specials overtime. For me, it’s mesmerizing when you see a sunset giving way to a purple sheet of stars all the while you are learning more about your aircraft. Ladies and gentlemen, it is a must-have.



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Reinout te Brake

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