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Microsoft To Buy Discord.

Microsoft is busy shopping for assets, only last year it sought to buy the famous social media app TikTok as well as got in talks to acquire Pinterest Inc. And now, Microsoft and Discord are in talks for a whopping $10 billion acquisition deal. Microsoft is interested in assets that would provide access to a vast variety of thriving users. So, what made the company of Bill Gates interested in Discord? Let’s find out.

Microsoft in talks to Acquire Discord for $10 Billion - Buy Discord

Microsoft in talks to Acquire Discord for $10 Billion – Buy Discord

Discord was co-founded by Jason Citron and Stan VIshnevsky in 2015 with an aim to provide people with a platform to chat and play video games. It is a free app and offers text, video, and voice services. It also includes the ability for users to stream the name of the game they are playing. The app became ultra-popular last year during the worldwide lockdown, thanks to Among Us game.

Besides video games, Discord also became a hub for different communities like the Black Lives Matter movement, book clubs, homework help, etc. The app pitches itself as a “place to talk” with more than 140 million monthly users including celebrities and the biggest names in video games like Fortnite’s Ninja.

Moreover, the company’s huge popularity is also due to no intrusive advertisements. Rather it generates revenue with a subscription service called Nitro.

The company shows a steady growth trajectory with $100 million in revenue last year. Moreover, its valuation has also doubled $7 billion in last year December and raised a whopping $480 million from investors. With Microsoft in talks with Discord, it may also aim to integrate Xbox Game Pass with Discord.

It seems thrilling at first to fathom about Microsoft acquiring Discord, however, a lot of gamers are not happy with such developments. Many people are begging the company on Twitter not to sell itself. Acquiring Discord will result in further power consolidation in one tech giant.

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