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The Functionalities of A Video Game Consultant

What is a Video Game Consultant?

A game consultant is a professional who provides advice or consultancy with a cost. To be more precise, the role of a game consultant is to deliver the ideas and recommendations to a game development company to improve their services. Basically, video game development companies take advice from experts to  being successful.

A video game consultant helps to improve the narrative and story, the user interface, level design. Apart from that, they also help to improve the different areas of the game. Another can provide feedback on certain problem areas that a customer may have, for example by responding to the messages suggested by a customer and positioning his product towards consumers and the press.

Video Game Consultant

Game consulting is a trending and demanding job in the industry. It is very popular to entreprise game development companies. However, the smaller developer mainly focus on their targeted and desired area. For example, an independent developer may be looking for specific information about the title they are working on.

In contrast, an enterprise solution provider or large player looks for a wide range of options based on their value and demand.

There is a clear follow-up question from where a video games development company take services: from any individual or a large games consultancy firm? Different consultants deal with the confidentiality of their customers in different ways.

Both the individual and large companies have their own websites as a service providing platform where they can promote and offer their services. Some of them do not reveal the clients. We also respect your privacy. We don’t disclose any data that is very sensitive to you. Our gaming consulting process is clear and transparent. 

Why do game development companies need consultancy? 

Almost every games development companies need to have consultancy  for improving their products and services. It is a common and easy process for video gaming industry to make their services better. Of course, the financial incentive is mostly working behind it.

Because if you make your product better, surely you will get a stronger customer base. Every game developer has passion and sincere to deliver the best while developing games. Obviously they are serious about their profession. But they must need video games consultancy from experts to improve their product. 

For certain reasons, a customer sometimes needs experience to solve a difficult problem area. And sometimes they may need external feedback to shorten internal guidelines. An independent external opinion can help unlock the title and give them the opportunity to move forward.

What are common services that video game consultant may offer?

Clients may search for a video game consultant for the following services. 

  • Evaluating in-depth game
  • Checking hardware platform, and/or online services.
  • Mock reviews (deeper evaluation)
  • Messaging as well positioning.
  • Evaluating the monetization.
  • For the analysis of social or community engagement
  • For optimizing and reviewing the performance of code.
  • Game evaluations.
  • Script writing.
  • Messaging and positioning.
  • Evaluating the product pre-acquisition.
  • Spreading new concept.

What does a game consulting engagement look like?

The purpose of this type of evaluation is to provide a customer with an external vision of a product’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (also known as SWOT). It is also the terms of providing the best recommendations as quickly as possible. Depending on where the title is in the development timeline, it may include comments on how media and consumers are likely to respond to these results, along with related gaming news and positioning comments.