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Oh Yes! PUBG Mobile 1 Billion Downloads.

PUBG Mobile has achieved a feat that only a few games have done so far; reaching the big B club. Tencent announced earlier that PUBG Mobile has crossed the one billion mark in terms of download and this number excludes Mainland China and includes the rest of the world.

PUBG Mobile 1 Billion Downloads

PUBG Mobile 1 Billion Downloads

These jaw-dropping stats were shared during Tencent’s recent earning’s call. According to Sensor Tower, only Candy Crush Saga and Subway Surfers have surpassed PUBG in terms of most downloaded games.

However, when it comes to Subway Surfers and Candy Crush Saga, both these titles are casual. On the other hand, PUBG has achieved the big B feat as a focused title and has raised the bar for other battle royale genre games.

PUBG Mobile’s achieve the one billion mark is phenomenal given the obstacles it had to face in key mobile markets. China is one of the biggest mobile markets didn’t cut slack to PUBG in terms of monetization due to stringent regulations. This kind of situation in China made Tencent launch a game in competition to its own PUBG Mobile in China. Game For Peace also served as a “homage to the Chinese Military.”

PUBG Mobile Rumor Is...A Sequel - Inside Gaming News 24:7

PUBG Mobile Rumor Is…A Sequel – Inside Gaming News 24/7 – PUBG Mobile 1 Billion Downloads

Moreover, in India, PUBG Mobile got banned in four cities in 2019. Officials in India claimed that the game caused an increase in provocative actions, anger, and violent behavior among the younger generation. Moreover, the game also got banned due to the rising tensions between India and China over a border dispute and user privacy violations.

PUBG is the founder and the most popular game in the battle royale genre. The game enjoyed immense success since its release in 2018, it passed the marker for the highest-grossing game in 2019. With PUBG: New State in the works, it would be interesting to see how many players make the transition from PUBG Mobile to PUBG: New State.

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