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Apple has released its Apple App Chart 2020, and Apple App Awards list.

A couple of surprises in Apple’s most downloaded apps this year; Among Us and Zoom.

This 2020 is about to end and it wasn’t easy for the whole world due to the pandemic. The pandemic, however, paved the way for people to interact and connect in ways that weren’t popular before and Apple’s most downloaded app charts manifest that trend clearly where Zoom and Among Us dominated.

Apple App Charts 2020

Apple App Charts 2020

Apple App Charts.

Neither of these games should be a big surprise to anyone. Among Us got launched in 2018 but this year it became so popular that it regularly topped Twitch charts and spread like a wildfire among the world’s best streamers. The game became so popular even politicians started streaming it to connect with the public. Among Us clinched the top position in top free iPhone and iPad games this year. Similarly, Zoom’s popularity sky-rocketed this year and it became a default application for video chats and online learning during the pandemic.

Talking about the rest of the charts, Roblox was successful in making an appearance and yes, Minecraft still reigns supreme as the best-selling paid game.

Let’s have look at Apple’s annual app award winners (Apple App Charts);

  • iPhone App of the Year: Wakeout
  • iPhone Game of the Year: Genshin Impact
  • iPad App of the Year: Zoom
  • iPad Game of the Year: Legends of Runeterra
  • Mac App of the Year: Fantastical
  • Mac Game of the Year: Disco Elysium
  • Apple TV App of the Year: Disney Plus
  • Apple TV Game of the Year: Dandara: Trials of Fear
  • Apple Watch App of the Year: Endel
  • Apple Arcade Game of the Year: Sneaky Sasquatch
  • App Trend of the Year: Shine for helping users practice self care
  • App Trend of the Year: Explain Everything Whiteboard for helping bring remote classrooms to life
  • App Trend of the Year: Caribu for connecting families to loved ones
  • App Trend of the Year: Pokémon Go for reinventing the way we play
  • App Trend of the Year: ShareTheMeal for helping users make a difference
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