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Reinout te Brake Game Consultant

Reinout te Brake is an Online Gaming Expert and Game Marketing Consultant with 20+ years of experience serving gaming companies and clients in the facets of Business Strategy, Corporate Business Development, Fundraising, Mergers & Acquisitions, and aspects of marketing such as User Acquisition.

Hailing from Amsterdam, Netherlands, he has helped leading gaming investors, publishers, developers, entrepreneurs, and CEOs streamline the processes of idea creation, strategy development, branding, and execution.

Reinout te Brake - Video Games Consulting 2021

Reinout is adept in offering consultancy services to gaming stakeholders, game studio founders, and management teams tailored to help them eradicate the barriers restricting technical, operational, strategic, and commercial acclivity.

He leverages his years of field expertise and knowledge to help gaming companies and clients succeed in their pursuit of excellence.

He has had the luxury to play an integral role in numerous companies’ repositioning and excels in helping clients tackle marketing adversities leveraging the power of Big Data.

Reinout’s primary objective is to develop robust business strategies to help aspiring gaming companies to achieve KPI’s and build human capital. Following a radical approach to business development, he believes in Reverse Pyramid ideology and uses it to build a strong core team that can leverage their expertise to nurture forthcoming young talent.

The end goal is always to help the clients & companies improve the scalability of the game portfolios and intrigue & engage the game space and community.

Reinout te Brake also serves as a Podcaster at Podcast Game Consultant – A Podcast formulated to deliver the latest information and updates of the gaming world.


Reinout te Brake Game Consultant


His games podcast strives to provide insightful knowledge to the listeners conveyed by a highly-talented network of gaming professionals who have played a key role in building the enormous and ever-expanding gaming industry of today and tomorrow.