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Facebook Gaming Live streaming of games continues to enjoy the high tide as Twitch.

Facebook Gaming set high records in January. Analytics firm and StreamElements came up with a report that suggests that both Facebook Gaming and Twitch recorded a 117% increase in watch hours. This means that both have doubled the numbers when compared to January 2020.

Live Streaming; Facebook Gaming and Twitch Set New Records in January 2021

Live Streaming; Facebook  and Twitch Set New Records in January 2021 –

Facebook Gaming Stream Elements, in its blog post

said that Twitch reached its all-time high in terms of hours watched with a whopping 2 billion hours. While Facebook crossed the 439 million hours mark. This means that both Live Stream gaming platforms saw a 117% increase year over year in January 2021.

Talking about the categories on Twitch; SteamElements said that the most-watched category was Just Chatting with 242 million hours watched. Second, on the list was the survival game Rust with 189 million and following Rust was League of Legends with 163 million hours.

Rust made a stunning boost in numbers thanks to its Offline TV, several popular streamers, starting a Rust server. Overall the watch numbers for Rust were up 1226% month-over-month.

Rust wasn’t alone, every top 10 games in the list recorded an increase in viewership month-over-month. These games include Escape from Tarkov with 108 million hours, Fortnite with 91 million, COD: Warzone at 75 million, Minecraft at 74 million, GTA V at 71 million, CS: GO at 58 million, and lastly, FIFA 21 made to the top 10 list with 54 million.

January proved to be a record-shattering month for both Twitch and Facebook Gaming. The stats of both platforms top the record-breaking numbers which got set in December last year. Previous records saw Twitch with 1.7 billion hours and Facebook with 388 million hours. It seems like the upward trajectory for live-streaming gaming will continue for the rest of 2021.

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