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Why call it Game Consultant?

It’s impossible to keep up with everything that happens in the gaming industry. Each week, there is news about games that are being released, along with news stories and certain insight to our industry. One of the best ways to stay updated on everything is by listening to my video game podcast called Game Consultant.

Many large gaming sites have their own podcast like IGN and Gamesbeat, with employees, as in a complete staff or freelancers. Other gaming podcasts have hosts who are a part of reputable gaming industry.

The point is that the best podcasts often have knowledgeable panelists, featuring experts in many disciplines. With that in mind, there is a huge number of podcasts to choose from, many of which have their own focus.

Why call it Game Consultant?

Why call it Game Consultant?

So why start another game podcast?

I started my games podcast to inform the people within the gaming space about news, insights, start-up’s, interesting stories from companies and/or people and so on. To shed the light on things that many have not been aware of.

It happens to be that I am a game consultant. During my day to day work I do advise management teams of game studios, shareholders, investors and even some governments. It is fun work, where I get to speak to many different kind of people with different backgrounds and expertises.

Some friends of mine did ask me “why don’t you start a games podcast?”. You get to talk to so many interesting people around the world. Share your experience, expertise and network!  

“I love to be a fly on the wall”,

was another comment. True! The talks that I have daily are quite insightful and I learn every day about new games, gaming services, trends and analysis. So I thought to start a podcast myself!

Thought long about a name. Did ask some friends and got a funny comment; “You know, Reinout, this movie and game called The Hitman?”


“Of course I do know that”, was my answer. Well, it tells exactly what he is and does, was the answer. It struck me. I am a game consultant. Lets call my podcast ‘Game Consultant’. And so we are today, as simple as life can be.

I do hope you like my gaming podcast so far, every week I do it all by myself to inform people about games and the industry behind it.

Big thanks to Cris Reed, Joakim Achren and recently Paul Thind, who are helping me with their items. They give great insights in esports, the world of game developers and news around gaming.

So I am going to leave you with one humble request; Do listen to some episodes of my podcast and IF you like it, tell it, share it, with your friends and co-workers. It is very appreciated. Meanwhile I keep on going with bringing you everything you should know about gaming and its industry.

Your host,

Reinout te Brake

Reinout te Brake - Inside Gaming News 24/7 - Best Video Gaming News 2021

Reinout te Brake – Inside Gaming News 24/7 – Best Video Gaming News 2021

Reinout te Brake

In a career spanning across 20+ years, Reinout te Brake has raised over 100+ Million Euros in Fundraising for a diversity of companies and has worked with several venture capitals firms. Helping gaming companies expand their brand reach, get the right story telling and make an impact on a global scale. Reinout te Brake has had the honor to counsel some of the major gaming companies operating on a global scale. For the last 12 years, he has devoted his major focus towards the niche of gaming consultancy to provide his insight and expertise to help gaming companies reach outstanding financial and business results.